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Student blogs


Here is your chance to get an insight into student life at Linköping University. Our international master's and exchange students want to share their experiences of life and studies in Sweden. Read their stories and feel free to ask questions if you want to know more.


Maria Kousoula

Maria from Greece

Amelia Gackowska

Amelia from Germany

Oliver St John






Oliver from Germany

Keely Witherow






Keely from USA

Sacha Bogaers






Sacha from the Netherlands

Maja Bradaric

Maja from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Yumeng Li








Yumeng from China

Sujayeendra Padakandla






Sujayeendra from India

Rebecka Le Moine






Rebecka from Sweden

Karolos Douvlataniotis






Karolos from Greece



Latest blog posts

Culture + Nature = True! (Tue Jan 17 23:26:08 CET 2017)

Hello, New week, new challenges! I started off this Monday in the best way possible, by encouraging NGO:s, companies, universities and agencies to ...

Finishing paper, time for the next course! (Tue Jan 17 13:14:14 CET 2017)

This week started pretty crazy, with some personal things happening yesterday to me and a friend, and then the agency where I get my study allowanc...

Eurovision song writer (Tue Jan 17 10:00:24 CET 2017)

Being a great fan of Eurovision as I am, means that sometimes it is hard to find people equally excited about it. Western Europeans usually barely ...

|End of Semester 1| (Tue Jan 17 02:42:37 CET 2017)

Remember the moment in game Mario where at the end of a level we jump on top of the flag post and feel accomplished? I have the same feeling on com...

Sunrise at LiU campus (Mon Jan 16 17:20:19 CET 2017)

Since I started to work parallel with working on my thesis, all of the sudden I got less time to sleep. I am not a morning person at all, so gettin...

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