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Research areas

Linköping University carries out research and education in the areas of humanities, medicine and nursing, social and behavioural sciences, technology and natural sciences and educational sciences.  A cross-subject, interdisciplinary perspective characterises our research.


Behaviour research

Ageing and later life – Children – Cognition – Daily life – Disability – Ethics – Gender - Language and communication – Pedagogy – Psychology – Social anthropology – Social work – Working life.

Stiliserade datorer. Drawing.

Computer science and IT research

Cognition - Information systems development – Statistics.

Face made up of block-letters. Fotograph of a drawing.


Art and visual culture – Children – Culture – Ethnicity and migration – History – Language and communication – Literature and language – Philosophy – Religion – Social Anthropology.

play hopscotch

School and education

Adult learning - Bullying - Ethics, values and norms - Grades and evaluation - Leadership - Multilingualism - Outdoor education - Pedagogy (didaktik) and learning - Play - School development - Special needs education - Subject-based teaching and learning - The interplay of pupils and learning - Teacher education.

Pollution form a chimney behind trees. Fotograph.

Environmental research

Environmental research. See also Technology and natural science below.

Microscopic picture of infection and inflammation. Fotograph.

Health sciences

Autoimmunity and allergy – Cancer – Diabetes and metabolism – Functions and illnesses of the locomotor system – Health and society – Infection and inflammation – Medical image science – Molecular and cell biology – Nursing science – Regenerative medicine – Reproductive health – Stomach and intestinal deseases – Surgery – The brain and the rest of the nervous system –
The heart and blood vessels.

Two men in a discussion over their lunch. Photography.

Social science

Ageing and later life – Business administration – Children – Daily life – Disability – Economics – Environmental research – Ethics – Ethnicity and migration – Gender - Legal research – Politics – Social anthropology - Social work.

Laboratorieprover i provrör

Technology and natural sciences

Computer science – Economic and industrial development – Mathematics – Medical technology – Physics, Chemistry and biology – Systems technology – Technology and natural sciences.

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