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Introduction to Multichannel HIPIMS Technology

Seminar - The Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology
Dear Colleagues, If you are interested in HIPIMS sputtering technology and keep a close watch on new trends in the area of thin film deposition, you are welcome to participate in a free seminar devoted to a recently patented Multichannel HIPIMS Technology. More details about the technique can be found at: After the seminar, you will become familiar with structural difference between existing HIPIMS power supplies and understand advantages of MOSFET based switching modules over traditional IGBT switches. The seminar will take place on March 31 in Linköping University, Physics building, room J206 (Plank) from 14:00 till 16:00. Kind regards, Dr. Oleksiy Vozniy.
14:00 - 16:00
For more info contact Oleksiy Vozniy, e-mail, phone 013 28 6658.


Mythical Dances

Cultural event - Linköpings universitet
Linköping university symphony orchestra, LAO plays grand orchestral music together with the music students from Lunnevads folkhögskola. Program Hilary Tann - From the Feather to the Mountain Maurice Ravel - Bolero Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - music from Cosi fan tutte Alexander Borodin - Polovtsian dances Soprano: Emilia Baeckström Conductors: Merete Ellegaard and Anna Englund Bohm Tickets are available at the venue 30 minutes before the concert starts. 100 kr (50 kr with LiU-card.) Polovtsian warriors have free admission!
Location: Ryttargårdskyrkan, Linköping
For more info see, contact Merete Ellegaard, e-mail



Seminar - Linköpings universitet
FORUM FORUM AN EVENT ARRANGED BY Forum Scientium, LiU Junior Faculty and the Wallenberg Center for Molecular Medicine at LiU (WCMM) Forum Forum is an informal get-together event where ideas about future collaboration projects can be born. By talking to Ph.D. students, postdocs and junior/senior researchers, and by listening to the visions of other research groups, we hope that the attendants will find inspiration and opportunities to start up joint multidisciplinary research projects. A range of speakers will present their research and the visions of their group shortly and present suggestions for possible projects for cross-disciplinary collaborations.
15:15 - 17:30
Location: Lecture hall Planck, Physics Building at Campus Valla
For more info see, contact Stefan Klintström, e-mail, phone 0722539400.


Material Optics - Per Johan Hampus Lundén

Seminar - The Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology
Per Johan Hampus Lundén defends his licentiate thesis "Sol-Gel Glasses Doped with Pt-Acetylides and Gold Nanoparticles for Enhanced Optical Power Limiting". Opponent isStaffan Tjörnhammar, KTH.
Location: Planck, Physics Building entrance 57
For more info contact Therese Dannetun, e-mail, phone 013-282944.


WCMM seminar "Life on Chips - Towards microfluidic-based human disease models"

Seminar - Linköpings universitet
Life on Chips - Towards microfluidic-based human disease models Danny van Noort Affiliation: Biotechnology, IFM, Linköping University Thursday 27 April at 15:15 in Linden, entrance 65, Campus US. Abstract Cell cultures on microfluidic chips are a step forward in cell based biological studies, as the amount of reagents reduced while the control over the microenvironment increases. In this manner, cells can be located in specific places, 3D cell constructs can be fabricated that will have a more reliable mimicry of in vivo models [1,2,3] while embryos [4] and highly motile cells, such as ciliates, can be localized for optical interrogation. These systems can be readily used for drug screening or to study single cell behaviour. By coupling together two chips, interactions between two different cell types can be studied. Here, I will look at the impact of glucose concentration on the levels of secretion of intestinal L-cells and pancreatic β-cells, and as such, the effect of L-cells on insulin secretion from the β-cells. Key Words : endocrine system, 3D cell cultures, organ on a chip, microfluidics References [1] Toh, Y.-C., Zhang, C., Zhang, J., Khong, Y. M., Chang, S., Samper, V. D., van Noort, D., Hutmacher,D. W. and Yu, H. (2007) A novel 3D mammalian cell perfusion-culture system in microfluidic channels, Lab on a Chip 7, 302-309. [2] Zhang, C., Zhao Z., Abdul Rahim N.A., van Noort, D. and Yu, H. (2009) Towards human on a chip: culturing multiple cell types on a chip with compartmentalized microenvironments. Lab on a Chip 9, 3185-3192. [3] Dao Thi Thuy Nguyen, Danny van Noort, In Kyung Jeong and Sungsu Park (2017) Endocrine systems on chip for a diabetes treatment model. Biofabrication 9 (1), 015021. [4] Deepak Choudhury, Danny van Noort, Ciprian Iliescu, Bai Xue Zheng, Kar-Lai Poon, Svetlana Korzh, Vladimir Korzh and Hanry Yu (2012) Fish and Chips: A microfluidic perfusion platform for monitoring the development of early stage zebrafish embryos. Lab on a Chip 12, 892 - 900.
15:15 - 16:15
Location: Linden, entrance 65, Campus US
For more info see, contact Stefan Klintström, e-mail, phone 013-282709.


Dissertation Igor Mosyagin

Public Disputations - The Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology
Igor Mosyagin will defend his doctor´s thesis within Theoretical Physics: "Development and applications of theoretical algorithms for simulations of materials at extreme conditions". Opponent: Professor Andrei Postnikov,Université de Lorraine, Laboratoire de Chimie et Physique
Location: Plack, Fysikhuset, entrance 57
For more info contact Igor Abrikosov, e-mail, phone +4613285650.

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