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Bland den allmänna apparaturen på Core Facility finns en mängd utrustning tillgänglig för forskare att boka och använda. Läs mer nedan om vad Core Facility kan erbjuda.

SPARK 10M – A microplate reader optimized for cell based research

The SPARK 10M microplate reader can be found on Cell biology floor 13 in room 018.

The SPARK 10M microplate reader is suitable for everyday measurements of absorbance (200-1000nm; spectral scanning), fluorescence (top and bottom readings; area scanning; spectral scanning) and luminescence, as well as advanced long-lasting experiments on cell cultures under controlled conditions.

For fluorescence, it is possible to select any given wavelength between 230-900 nm (+/-20nm bandwidth) and make spectral scanning owing to the double monochromators. It is also possible to use filter-based measurements for higher sensitivity. The following filters are available; excitation: 360, 400, 485, 560, 590 and 635nm; emission: 460, 505, 530, 580, 610 and 720nm.Time-resolved fluorescence.

The instrument is also equipped with:

  • 1 dispenser (5–1,000 μl; if there is a need, it is possible to purchase and install additional dispensers in the future)
  • CO2 and O2 gas chamber
  • Temperature control unit
  • Humidity cassette + lid lifter
  • Together, these features enable long-lasting cell-based assays under controlled conditions.

In addition, our instrument has a cell imaging and confluence measurement module which makes it possible to analyze cell confluence in different wells. For example, this has been used in applications for wound healing. For more information on this topic, please refer to this document.

Apparatansvarig: Björn Ingelsson


ChemiDoc MP System – Cell Biologen plan 13 rum 022

The ChemiDoc MP system is a full-feature instrument for gel or western blot imaging. It is designed to address multiplex fluorescent western blotting, chemiluminescence detection, and general gel documentation applications.

The fluorescent filters makes it possible to visualize gels/blots treated with various dyes (among others)

  • Stain free gels, Coomassie blue, Silver stain, Sypro Ruby, ProQ Diamond, Cy3; Cy5; Cy5.5, Alexa 546; 467; 680, Qdots 525; 605 ; 625, Rhodamine, Fluorescein
  • Although the ChemiDoc MP system can handle stained nucleic acid gels as well, we suggest the similar machine on Cell biology floor 9 for such gel imaging experiments. 

More information can be found on the BioRad homepage.

The ChemiDoc MP system can be found on Cell biology floor 13 in room 022.

Apparatansvarig: Björn Ingelsson


Apparatrum för analysinstrument, rum 305

Plattläsare VICTOR3

En flexibel plattläsare för absorbans, fluoroscens samt lumniscens.

Mer info om instrumentet

Instrumentansvarig: Elena Vikström, tel 010-103 20 54

Plattläsare VERSAmax för Elisa

Mer info om instrumentet 

Instrumentansvarig: Elena Vikström, tel 010-103 20 54

BIOREADER 5000PRO-F för Elispot

Instrumentansvariga: Linda Åkerman tel 010-103 95 38 eller Mari-Anne Åkeson, tel 010-103 37 64

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