“SMIO is a lot about exploration and exploitation.” That is how
Edgaras Rakevičius, a second-year master student from Lithuania would describe SMIO.


Between his bachelor in European Business and master studies, Edgaras worked in a couple of international companies. Adapting to the fast pace and the amount of information at the start of the SMIO programme took some effort, but the welcoming atmosphere of the programme made him feel at ease before he had even arrived to Linköping.

“In the beginning you come across many questions and you often face the unknown. Then, you learn to understand things in many different perspectives. Through learning you explore new capacities and capabilities that you never knew you had! Later, you learn to exploit the knowledge and experiences that you have gained.”

Edgaras explains that SMIO’s ‘big brothers and sisters group’ brings the first year students in contact with the seniors who show them around, help them out, and make them feel at home. They really became a big group of friends and Ed feels strange that he will have to say goodbye to them when they all graduate. However, Edgaras might not have to say goodbye to all of them.

“There are many opportunities after finishing the program, such as a career in international companies or you can choose to continue your academic career. You never know where and when you might again meet your fellow SMIO colleagues.”

Edgaras is open-minded about the future. If not continuing his studies, he would like to work with project management in an international organization without a big preference of location:

“I would like to stay in Sweden or go to Lithuania, but I wouldn’t mind moving either. What I‘ve also learnt here is flexibility and adaptation. Studying in an international environment gives you a different perspective about yourself. When I’m with my classmates, I forget about the great diversity of nationalities that we have! Studying together unites us. It makes me feel free.”