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09 maj, 2021

Champions League Final: Meeting Set on Move to London

UEFA officials and the British government will discuss shifting the Manchester City-Chelsea game from Istanbul to Wembley to sidestep coronavirus travel restrictions.

09 maj, 2021

Village Caught in Czech-Russia Spy Case Just Wants Things to Stop Blowing Up

Was a huge blast at a Czech weapons depot sabotage by Russian spies? The villagers where it happened aren’t sure, but they do know they only want to watch James Bond films, not live inside one.

09 maj, 2021

Of Brexit and Boris: What’s Driving the Call for Scottish Independence

Scots voted to remain in the E.U., and they resent being dictated to by England. And they just plain don’t like Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

08 maj, 2021

Bayern's Robert Lewandowski: The Making of a Goal Machine

Bayern’s Robert Lewandowski is the most complete, most ruthless, most polished striker of his generation. But what we see is only the finished product.

08 maj, 2021

Lyn Macdonald, Who Preserved Voices of World War I, Dies at 91

“The recording angel of the common soldier,” she chronicled the war in seven books from the soldiers’ perspective, drawing on 600 interviews with veterans.

09 maj, 2021

Scotland Election Results Complicate Hopes for Independence Referendum

The Scottish National Party fell short of an outright majority, though pro-independence parties appeared to retain control of Scotland’s Parliament.

08 maj, 2021

These Neanderthals Weren’t Cannibals, So Who Ate Them? Stone Age Hyenas.

An archaeological excavation south of Rome uncovered fossil remains of nine Neanderthals, along with the bones of hyenas, elephants and rhinoceroses.

08 maj, 2021

Melting Glaciers Have Exposed Frozen Relics of World War I

Artifacts from the White War — a battle between Italian and Austro-Hungarian troops that took place in the forbidding heights of the Alps — are on their way to a museum.

08 maj, 2021

Where Ukrainians Are Preparing for All-Out War With Russia

A dried-up canal running from Ukraine into Russian-occupied Crimea is emerging as one of Europe’s main flash points.

05 maj, 2021

Linköpingsforskarna förbereder motorvägar i luften - Kan bli tusentals drönare över Norrköping

Vi tycks närma oss en framtid med mängder av drönare i luften, så nu måste regler tas fram för att undvika olyckor. Några av de ledande forskarna jobbar med Norrköping som modell.

03 maj, 2021

Pressinbjudan: Kommunens forskningsfond delar ut 5,4 miljoner till nya projekt

För tolfte gången delar nu Norrköpings fond för forskning och utveckling ut medel till lokala forskningsprojekt som på olika sätt bidrar till utvecklingen i kommunen.

28 apr, 2021

Så ska människan och AI mötas - forskare berättar i ny video

23 apr, 2021

Ledande bläck öppnar för ny generation tryckt elektronik

23 apr, 2021

Visualiseringsteknik ger innovativa lösningar

Inom projektet Visual LIFT har fem olika labb byggts upp i östra Mellansverige med effektiv visualiseringsteknik för små och medelstora företag.

16 apr, 2021

Jonpumpen ska kunna användas i behandling av hjärncancer

10 apr, 2021


Den stora vetenskapssatsningen Wisdome Malmö börjar bli klar på Malmö ...