I Studentbostäders innovativa studentkorridor Vallavåningen har två tidigare utbytesstudenter vid LiU valt att visa sina upplevelser och tankar kring att vara utbytesstudent genom film och två gestaltade rum.

Sofie Hirchmüller, ursprungligen från Nürnberg Tyskland, visar sin film “Changes and what remains- voices from home” i ett av studentrummen där hon leker med idéen kring studentrummet och dess möblering. Utställningen visar en reflekterande historia av hur det är att vara borta hemifrån men samtidigt ha kontakt med vännerna där hemma.

I came to Sweden in August 2016. I am from Germany and basically I study media studies, so the course that I had chosen for Sweden was a course for documentary practice. Since I had a strict contract from my home university I had to finish my movie in quite a short time and that was not – as I thought before – possible to do in a groupework: The other members of the course could take their time for developing their ideas, I had to be finished by the end of my exchange semester. But still, almost the wohole editing process had to postponed until I restarted the postproduction in Germany.

As it can be seen in the movie I spent a lot of time on my one, and actually the subject of the movie emerged from desperation of being isolated. Neither did I have the budget or the equipment, nor did I have the time to shoot a documentary about someone or something related to Sweden, so I decided to focus on people to who I already had the connection: Exchange students.

My first idea was to make a film about “change” and to follow some students who had decided to live and study abroad for a certain time. But finally I didn ́t use any of the interviews that I shot, apart from one. As I was not that interested in the Erasmus Parties also these kinds of shots are missing as the party experiences were not that imprinting for me and the time I spent in Sweden. Finally I stuck more and more to the subject of “change” that you go through when you leave home and what still remains the same.

The result is a mix of being somewhere else on the one side, which can be seen on the visual level, and still being in contact with your friends, telling their stories from home on the other side, which can be heard on the additive level. For the latter I used original speech messages from my friends, the video material is a collection of what I filmed during my time in Sweden. As you will see it is not a narrative story that is told in the movie but it is more a collage of impressions that make clear how it feels like to be somewhere else and be still connected to those you have in mind.

Det andra rummets koncept är skapat av Yoona Yang, från Korea, och bygger på filmmaterial från hennes studentrum. Där undersöks beteendet kring olika delar i rummet och studentkorridoren:

I was an exchange student for the last autumn semester and was living with a roommate from the same country, South Korea. During the last semester, my roommate, Yujeong, shoot a film for me. The film showed a general routine of roommate, me who was living very closet to her but didn’t perceive intentionally. From the film, she could observe my routines in detail and get to know my life better.

I made another version of her film by editing the film in a different way to focus more on the subtle movement of my body and adding the new close up scene. Through this making process, I could also find out my behavior in a shared room as my roommate got to know about my life more while she was making her film.

As the case of me and my roommate, many students have their roommates in one place such as house, one room or whatever it is, they see each other every day. However, that doesn’t mean that you know their entire daily life. This film project for people who do not perceive their cohabitants deeply but really care about them.

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