LiU stödjer uttalande om Brexit

Slå vakt om det akademiska samarbetet mellan England och EU även efter Brexit. Det uppmanar YERUN, Young European Research Universities Network, i ett uttalande inför de kommande förhandlingarna.

EU-flaggaYERUN samlar 18 högt rankade universitet – yngre än 50 år – från 12 EU-länder. I nätverket ingår bland annat Linköpings universitet och två brittiska universitet, Brunel University London och University of Essex.

Nedan följer det gemensamma uttalandet från YERUN, som även Linköpings universitet ställt sig bakom (texten är på engelska).

BREXIT Statement

Ahead of the start of the negotiations between the UK government and the EU Institutions, YERUN, the Network of Young European Research Universities, extends its deepest support to our colleague universities in the UK that have been subject to the uncertainties caused by the results of the UK Referendum vote held on 23 June 2016.

Established to promote research and education links between European universities, YERUN stresses that the negotiations constitute a risk to existing strong links between universities and partners in the UK and European countries. It is through collaboration that our institutions perform world-class research for the benefit of society. The high impact resulting from these collaborations could never be achieved in isolation.

A second fundamental pillar for collaboration among YERUN members is mobility. Mobility within and outside Europe, to the UK and outside the UK. Mobility brings new perspectives to both our academic and professional staff, and to students; it spreads talent and ideas, and contributes to the co-creation of knowledge with the capacity to respond to the needs of the inter and multicultural society we live in. Collaboration and mobility help drive up wealth, health and cultural capital globally, nationally and locally.

It is important that we encourage inclusivity in our societies and that we preserve the spirit of European unity, recognising and promoting collaboration beyond geographical boundaries and celebrating the benefits to our national and local communities of being globally connected. Representing young universities in Europe, and built upon the foundations of social and economic growth and responsibility to our societies, YERUN will redouble its efforts to ensure that young universities act as a driver for social inclusion and mobility.

YERUN asks that the UK Government and the European Institutions include measures to protect Anglo-European University collaboration when negotiating the conditions of UK exit from the European Union for the ultimate benefit of all our people, society and industries. YERUN calls on the UK government representatives and the EU Institutions to prioritise in their negotiation talks the ultimate goal of maintaining and even reinforcing the beneficial collaboration between UK and European partners, and ensuring decisions that allow the full participation of UK partners in EU funding programmes. Members of YERUN will continue to work with our partner universities inside and outside the EU.

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