File distribution service for LiU

This service is available for employees at LiU to be able to send files that are bigger than the maximum allowed size for email attachments. Note! If you have access to a fillagret account, it's far easier to share the files on that service instead.

Descripton of the service: The uploaded file will stay on our server for two days before it automatically is erased. You will recieve an URL address which you can use to download the file, this is the address to send to your intended receivers of the file, and it can be sent in the most convenient way. Please take note that everyone that gains knowledge of this address can download the file!

This function may only be used in matters related to your employment at LiU. All files used within this service will be logged. Maximum size per file is 4GB.

Please consider using common charaters (ej A-Z) when naming the file to avoid issues with the service. This includes avoiding characters in the Swedish language (åäö). You can do this by renaming the file before you upload it!

Upload file:

Please observe that it can take a moment to upload the file if it's big.

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Last updated: 2017-03-01