“It’s just marvellous to be part of Swedish research and education”

- The pace is high in the IT Division. The development of new systems never ceases, and continues in parallel with the extension and administration of existing systems.

I am Anna Fredin and head of the Project and Development Office in LiU’s IT Division.

Our task is to secure internal delivery: colleagues and students set high demands for effective IT support. This is why we must never lose focus on why we are here and who we are to serve. We wouldn’t be here without the education and research that LiU carries out. All members of the team have considerable responsibility. Getting involved and making a difference, coming up with the best solutions, daring to take a leap into the unknown – this is not only what attracts the team members, but also what we appreciate.

I moved with my family from Stockholm to Linköping looking for a quieter life. I started at LiU as IT consultant, and have been here ever since. I’ve had several roles and worked in several constellations – but I’ve always been in a leadership position with responsibility for personnel. And that’s how it is today, 11 years later. It’s just marvellous to be part of Swedish research and education: being a part of the way in which the university spreads and increases knowledge in the world.

I’m extremely proud of what I do in my profession. But I’m most proud of my amazingly gifted co-workers and colleagues. They maintain an incredibly high level of expertise and professionalism. And the atmosphere in the office is really great, based on helping and caring for each other, with much humour and laughter. I recharge my batteries by working with these people. They’re the greatest. 


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