Before arrival

You need to prepare some things before you arrive in Sweden. Here you will find information about accommodation, finances and residence permits. If you are bringing your family, you will find useful information under “Family and schools”. 

Preparing to move to Sweden

Once you have been admitted to Linköping University there are many things to prepare before departure. On these pages we have gathered useful information that will help you prepare for your arrival in Sweden.

We recommend you make sure you arrive in time for the Orientation Programme/Welcome period where you will receive important information about your studies and LiU. Consider business hours and getting the key to your new accommodation when making your travel arrangements. Detailed information provided in the Upon Arrival page, link below.

If you are interested in having a peer student, you have the possibility to sign up in the Peer Programme at Linköping University before your arrival. Students at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences will be assigned a peer student through the faculty, but can of course also sign up for the Peer Programme.

We would also advise you to read through our Guides for international students for additional information.

All new students

Practical Guide (.pdf)

New Master's students

Pre-Departure Guide (.pdf)

Preparing for your stay

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