Some of Linköping University Library’s collections, mostly older periodicals and books, are kept in compact storage in “Bokladan”.

Bokladan (“The Book barn”) is located in Kärnhuset, southwest of G building at Campus Valla. Once a day requested books are collected in Bokladan and sent to the library to which they have been ordered. The library search service UniSearch includes information about a book’s home location and books in Bokladan can be ordered in the same way as books located at one of the campus libraries Valla Library, Medical Library and Campus Norrköping Library.

What material can be found at Bokladan?

Valla Library

a) The SAB collection (older books shelved according the SAB classification system).
b) Journals and other periodical material published before 2014.
c) Report series from the Institute of Technology at LiU.
d) Indices and abstract publications.
e) A few special collections are also available in Bokladan, for example:

  1. AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) papers and conference proceedings, 1982–2002 (a donation from Saab). Table of contents available in Bokladan.
  2. Lecture Notes in Computer Science.

There are exceptions from these guidelines. Se the library catalogue for details. Search the catalog and the periodicals list to see the location of individual titles.
For more information on special collections, see the Special Collections webpage.

Medical Library

A selection of infrequently used journals - most of them finished. See library catalog for titles and volumes concerned.

Campus Norrköping Library

Older volumes of periodicals that is only available at Campus Norrköping Library. See library catalog for details.

Opening hours and visiting address

Bokladan is open only by agreement. Email us at for further details. Visiting address: Kärnhuset, Olaus Magnus väg 48, Linköping


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