Campus Norrköping turns 25

Campus Norrköping is home to innovative programmes and world-leading research. This year, Linköping University’s second largest campus turns 25, as it continues to make its mark regionally, nationally and internationally.

August 1997 saw the launch of Campus Norrköping and six new interdisciplinary programmes: Culture, Society and Media Production; Social and Cultural Analysis; a new programme for compulsory school teachers and three engineering programmes. Other programmes have since been established, several of these becoming very successful. The students have left their mark on the city, which was named “Student City of the Year” in 2013/2014. Research groups such as Visualization Center C, Remeso (Division of Migration, Ethnicity and Society) and the Laboratory of Organic Electronics conduct world-leading research and attract researchers and students from all over the world.

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Buildings close to water
Magnus Johansson
Bird on a fence. Water and blurred buildings in the background.
Magnus Johansson
People cycling down a slope with painted emblems.
Magnus Johansson
Bridge with cars, buildings on both sides
Magnus Johansson
Men with their backs against the camera walk between buildings. Sign: LiU Linköpings universitet Kopparhammaren 2
Magnus Johansson
Swirling river.
  Thor Balkhed

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Lars Stjernkvist. Thor Balkhed

"Surpassed all expectations"

What has been the most successful thing about Campus Norrköping’s first 25 years?
“The research has surpassed all expectations. Norrköping is now home to world leading research in visualisation and organic electronics, which doesn’t only benefit the university, but also the city. For instance, we would not have had a film industry employing hundreds of people in Norrköping if the visualisation research has not been so strong.”
“Another huge benefit is that the education level and school results in Norrköping have improved. The university’s presence has changed how people view higher education, and the mentor programme, where LiU students support school pupils with homework, has played a key role here.”

Lars Stjernkvist, former Norrköping politician and member of parliament

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