"I love that we are a small group of people, because the atmosphere is cozy and it feels like a family"

Charlotte finished her bachelor studies in Ethology and Animal Welfare at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). While there, she realized she was more interested in conservation biology, and decided to attend a master’s programme that has something to do with conservation.
Charlotte Öhman Ecology and the Environment

“A few friends of mine proposed that I apply for LiU, since they were studying here and they told me it is a really good university with great and inspiring teachers.”

She says the LiU campus is really big and nice, with everything within reach, and it feels like a little community existing in its own bubble.

“In the classroom, I love that we are a small group of people, because the atmosphere is cozy and it feels like a family. Courses are great, with a lot of application in real life. They are suited to teach you how to work after you finish your studies.”

Charlotte has done part of her bachelor studies in Canada, and when compairing LiU with her previous universities, she says studying at LiU demands more individual work, which she likes, since that means you are more flexible. According to her, teachers are kind and have good relationship with their students, and the atmosphere is more informal and relaxed.

“There are a lot of student services here at LiU. Everyone can find something to do, or to be part of student unions, of which there are many. A lot of events are organized at campus every week, even every day. Linköping is real student city, and you can feel the student spirit and energy.”

If you really want good education, while meeting people who are here for the same reason, it’s a good idea to become a part of this student community and you stand to develop yourself in many different ways.”
Charlotte Öhman, student at the master's programme Ecology and the Environment