Common questions about COVID-19

On this page, you can read about common questions in regard to COVID-19. Feel free to get in touch if you need an answer to a question that is not listed.
Since 1 April 2022, COVID-19 is no longer classified as a threat to Swedish public health and a danger to Swedish society. However, advice and recommendations still apply.
Read more on the Swedish Public Health Agency’s:
How to protect yourself and others – COVID-19 recommendations.
Linköping University operations and teaching mode have returned to normal.
There is no longer a ban on entry into Sweden from countries outside the EU/EEA. Vaccination and test certificates are no longer required when entering Sweden.

Common questions

Travel to Sweden

It is not yet safe to travel from my country to Sweden. Can I start my studies online?

No arrangements have been made for distance education for courses and programmes where physical presence is required.

Vaccination and healthcare

Can I get vaccinated against COVID-19 in Sweden?

If possible, make sure you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 before you travel to Sweden. However, everyone with the right to reside in Sweden will be allowed to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Contact Region Östergötland, which has a call centre with English speaking staff.
Read more: Vaccination against COVID-19

Should I get vaccinated in my home country?

It is recommended to either get fully vaccinated in your home country or wait to get all vaccinations in Sweden. This is because the vaccinations may differ from country to country.

Do I require a covid vaccination certificate in Sweden?

It is recommended you bring a vaccination certificate from your home country. Within the EU there is a shared digital standard. For people coming from outside the EU, please check with the authorities in your country how to best obtain such a certificate.

Can I book an appointment to get tested for COVID-19?

Stay at home if you are ill and have symptoms of COVID-19. Should you want to take a test, you can buy a rapid test at the pharmacy.

How can I get healthcare in Sweden if I get sick with COVID-19?

Fee-paying degree students are covered by the FAS+ insurance. Please read more about the insurance on the website of the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency. Non-fee-paying degree students must have their own insurance.
Students from outside of the EU/EEA on exchange studies must have arranged private insurance for exchange studies before departure.
All students who are from the EU/EEA, make sure you do not forget your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

Degree students

Is it possible to start studies later than the planned date?

The roll call for each programme is mandatory.  To find out when you have your roll call, go to the drop-down list of each programme on

Can I defer my admission to the autumn semester of 2023?

The admissions result is valid for the semester for which you have been admitted. You can, however, apply for a deferral if special circumstances apply. Fee-paying students can only be granted a deferral if the first instalment of tuition has been paid to LiU. A change in a student’s financial situation is not considered to be special circumstances. “Special circumstances” for which a deferral may be granted are, for example, medical or other reasons, such as compulsory military service. You must provide documentary evidence of special circumstances, such as a doctor’s certificate.
Read more: Deferment of degree studies.

Exchange students

I am not sure if I want to come to Sweden now due to the corona situation in my home country. I need more time to think about it. Can I decide later?

It is always possible to cancel your mobility. If you wish to cancel your planned mobility, please contact your LiU faculty coordinator as soon as possible.

Can I defer my studies to next semester?

Deferral of exchange studies is possible but not guaranteed. Students are welcome to contact their respective LiU faculty coordinator and discuss the possibility of deferral. If you find suitable courses and would like to study next semester instead, your home university needs to send an updated nomination letter.

Due to the coronavirus, I will not be/was able to complete all my courses on time. Can I be accepted to courses at LiU even if I do not fulfil the entry requirements for the courses I am interested in taking? 

The entry requirements for each course are there to ensure that students can follow the course effectively, and to ensure the fairness of the admission process. To be admitted for a course, you must satisfy the entry requirements. While you do not have to have completed all the courses, you must have completed the relevant courses by the time of your arrival, or by the time the course in question starts. If you are missing courses from your home university and do not fulfil the entry requirements for the courses at LiU, you cannot be admitted.