Common questions about COVID-19

On this page, you can read about common questions in regard to COVID-19. Feel free to get in touch if you need an answer to a question that is not listed.
Since 1 April 2022, COVID-19 is no longer classified as a threat to Swedish public health and a danger to Swedish society. However, advice and recommendations still apply.
Read more on the Swedish Public Health Agency’s:
How to protect yourself and others – COVID-19 recommendations.
Linköping University operations and teaching mode have returned to normal.
There is no longer a ban on entry into Sweden from countries outside the EU/EEA. Vaccination and test certificates are no longer required when entering Sweden.

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Travel to Sweden

It is not yet safe to travel from my country to Sweden. Can I start my studies online?

Vaccination and healthcare

Can I get vaccinated against COVID-19 in Sweden?

Should I get vaccinated in my home country?

Do I require a covid vaccination certificate in Sweden?

Can I book an appointment to get tested for COVID-19?

How can I get healthcare in Sweden if I get sick with COVID-19?

Degree students

Is it possible to start studies later than the planned date?

Can I defer my admission to the autumn semester of 2023?

Exchange students

I am not sure if I want to come to Sweden now due to the corona situation in my home country. I need more time to think about it. Can I decide later?

Can I defer my studies to next semester?

Due to the coronavirus, I will not be/was able to complete all my courses on time. Can I be accepted to courses at LiU even if I do not fulfil the entry requirements for the courses I am interested in taking?