Coronavirus information for new students

Newly admitted to LiU? Planning your arrival to Sweden for August 2020? 

You are probably wondering how the coronavirus situation will affect the possibility for you to begin your studies this coming autumn semester or how you will be taught.

LiU has been operating in distance mode since 18 March 2020. The Swedish government and the Public Health Agency of Sweden recommended on 29 May 2020, that distance education at institutions of higher education should be rescinded with effect from 15 June. LiU, however, has decided to remain essentially in distance mode until the start of the autumn semester.
LiU is planning for the autumn semester to start as usual but has accounced it will be in a hybrid mode with both on-campus and off-campus teaching and activities. The return to on-campus learning will happen in stages to be able to follow the Swedish government’s recommendations relating to social distancing and maximum group size. New students were specifically mentioned in the new decision with an expressed objective from LiU that new students will be welcomed in the best possible manner and that the start of their university studies will be successful. New students and students taking longer single-subject courses with a high proportion of new students are to be given on-campus priority.

Nevertheless, given the current situation and how rapidly it can change, we urge you to follow the information on LiU's internal web page Corona - measures taken by LiU.
All LiU coronavirus crisis news and updates are being published there. You will also find a lot of useful links and an FAQ section that can help you with your questions.
Please note: our internal web is not locked and does not require any form of log in. 

Coronavirus & your upcoming studies at LiU
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