Customer co-creation in healthcare services

The patient is the only person who experiences the whole progress of a disease – from the first symptoms to contacts with health care, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and follow up activities.
The patient and often also relatives have their experiences of quality and efficiency of health care. Patients have valuable insights about their own processes through the health care system, however they are not used as resource. 

This project aims at contributing to the understanding of co-creation in health care, based on the view that the patient is an important creative resource for healthcare service development and innovation. Further, the project aims at developing methods that can be used in health care in order to involve patients in the improvement of these health care services. 

The main research question for the project is how to develop forms of co-creation and collaboration in public sector organisations that lead to successful outcomes?

Research methods: Diary-based approach, interviews, survey method, 
Participating organisations: Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, The County Council of Jönköping, the County Council of Dalarna.
Type of Project and Time Plan: The project is mainly funded by HELIX. The project will be finalised in 2017.

Key publications

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