The Flow Cytometry Unit is home to Sweden's first Mass Cytometer, a CyTOF 2 from DVS Sciences / Fluidigm, which is a part of the national resource for mass cytometry.
CyTOF 2Mass Cytometry substitutes Lanthanide isotopes for fluorochromes and separates them by mass using time-of-flight measurement. 
Problems with background signal due to autofluorescence and limitations due to spectral overlap are thus eliminated. 
There are approximately 40 different isotopes available that can be conjugated to antibodies, as well as live/dead staining options. It is however not possible to acquire morphological data like on a traditional cytometer. For more information, please contact Jan-Ingvar Jönsson (see below).
Linköping is a part of Science for Life Laboratory, Affinity Proteomics