ELiTH delivers at Silverstone

Students in ELiTH Racing left over sixty competitors in their wake on the track in Silverstone, where engineering students from all over the world competed in Formula Student.
The Formula Student race car competition has been run since 1998, and has been held at the legendary Silverstone track in Britain since 2007.

The students do everything themselves, from designing their race cars to constructing them – and especially driving the crucial 22-km endurance race on the famous Silverstone track.

Many elements are judged in the competition: performance of the car, design and construction, and safety, plus sustainability aspects such as carbon dioxide emissions and choice of materials. Everything is judged and scrutinised. It should also be possible to manufacture 1,000 copies of the concept car at a reasonable cost.

This year’s Formula Student was held between 9-17 July, when around 100 teams from universities all around the world came with their cars. Sweden was represented by teams from LiU, Lund, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Chalmers.

The team with the car on the trackAnd things turned out well for the LiU students’ racing car ER15 – a Honda with E85 in the tank – which finished the final in 33rd place.

“We are extremely pleased, we did all we could. We did particularly well in the design event, receiving good marks for our thinking on the car. The sprint where we drive one fast lap around the track also went really well,” says Leo Malmeryd, the team’s chief designer, who by day is an MSc student in design and product development.

On the other hand things didn't go so well on the endurance run, with an engine failure and some starting problems.

“We didn't fulfil our potential there. But we had never run the engine warm and we had a few things to sort out,” Mr Malmeryd explains.

The car is back home at Campus Valla now, waiting for more testing.

“We’ll use it for testing in preparation for building the next car.”

Before Silverstone 2016, the next team will take over and design and build a new speed demon ready to take on the world. This year there were around 40 students on the team behind the competition car.

If you want to get your teeth into some racing facts or see some pictures and films, go to the ELiTH Facebook page.

Published 2015-07-20