Everyday life made simpler: Development of a portfolio application for young people and young adults with cognitive difficulties

I am research group leader of this project, which was a response to the reality that mobile phone applications are an important technological support for facilitating everyday life. 

Skuggor från fyra människor

For some individuals with cognitive difficulties, e.g. young people with spina bifida, applications are not always beneficial. This is because the design and functions of applications have not been developed with their needs in mind – which in turn can reduce their opportunities for participating in everyday activities.

This is a collaboration project with occupational therapist Eva Arnemo, Health and Habilitation, Uppsala County Council; docent Margareta Dahl, the Department of Women’s and Children’s Health, Uppsala University; ICT manager, Magnus Lindskog Wallander, Uppsala County Council.  


Report Förenklad vardag (pdf)

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