Application for exchange studies at Linköping University

As an exchange student you are selected by your home university. For information about exchange programmes, agreements, admissions and application contact the international coordinator at your home university.

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If you are selected for an exchange programme, make sure you have sufficient knowledge of oral and written English to take part in the courses, which are taught in English. Your home university’s application form or web page will provide information about the documentation needed.

When applying to study at Linköping University, you can also apply for accommodation and a beginner’s course in Swedish.

Students outside of the European Union must take courses of at least 30 ECTS per term, which corresponds to full‑time study. Studying 30 ECTS per term is one of the requirements for being granted a residence permit by the Swedish Migration Board.

Exchange students do not pay tuition fees.

Courses and application

Courses are intended for exchange students who have completed at least one year of study at their home university. If you are applying to the Faculty of Science and Engineering you must have completed two years of study at your home university.

Exchange students cannot normally combine courses to obtain a final degree at LiU.

You will not be notified whether you have been awarded a place for at least one month after the application deadline. After that, letters of admission with all necessary information will be sent to successful applicants.

Most of our courses offered on advanced/master level usually requires a bachelor’s degree and/or three years of studies within the subject area.

Under each subject area courses are divided into Undergraduate and Advanced/master's level courses. To be eligible for courses at Advanced/Master's level, you usually need a bachelor degree of 3 years and/or three years of studies within the subject area. There will also be specific requirements in the course information.

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