Frequently asked questions about the Academic Ceremony

At this page you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about participating in the Academic Ceremony. The questions may specifically be of use to promovendi (new doctors) and installandi (new professors) in 2022.
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Invitation and registration Show/Hide content

Will I automatically receive an invitation to this year's Academic Ceremony if I have defended my thesis since the last ceremony, or am a new professor? Where will the invitation be sent?

I have received an invitation to this year's Academic Ceremony, but am unable to attend. Can I choose to be conferred at another time instead?

I have received an invitation to this year's Academic Ceremony and I want to register. How do I do this?

I have sent an email to that I want to attend the Academic Ceremony. Does that count as registration?

I am a new doctor. If I don't have all my details available when I start registration, can I finish later?

How do I know that you have received my registration and that I am registered?

Can I register after the registration deadline?

What do I do if I have submitted my registration but want to edit it?

The Academic Ceremony Show/Hide content

Are there dedicated parking spaces at Louis De Geer?

Will return bus transport be arranged between Linköping and Norrköping?

Is it compulsory to attend the combined meeting and rehearsal that takes place the same day as the ceremony?

Should I wear my formal clothing at the rehearsal?

Should my guest join me at rehearsal?

What is meant by 'white tie'? (In Swedish 'högtidsdräkt')

Should I wear gloves and cover my shoulders if I wear a shoulderless gown?

I am a new doctor/professor and the invitation says white tie. Under the headline 'Promotion of new doctors' it says free choice of clothing. How should I dress?

Can LiU help me arrange formal wear and/or a doctor's hat?

Should I change my outfit between the ceremony and the dinner?

May children attend the ceremony?

What are the rules for taking photos and filming the ceremony?

Will LiU take photographs during the ceremony that I can access?

How long is the ceremony?

What do a doctor's hat and wreath cost?

As a new doctor, must I wear something on ny head for the ceremony?

As a new doctor, should I wear a hat or a wreath?

How do I go about buying a wreath?

When ordering a wreath, I am to specify my head measurement. How do I measure this correctly?

I am paying for my wreath to LiU's account. Do I need to enter a message or an OCR number?

I need to get at doctor's hat. How do I go about this?

If I purchase a hat from the hatter, where will it be delivered to?

If I buy a hat from the hatter/order a wreath and it is delivered directly to Louis de Geer, will I be able to try it on before the ceremony?

What do I do if my doctor's hat/wreath does not fit?

As a new doctor, if I borrow or hire a doctor's hat, should I bring it to the rehearsal, or do I hand it in?

Can I have a friend drop off a borrowed doctor's hat to the Master och Ceremonies, or do I have to bring it in myself, at the times specified?

Do I only wear the doctor's hat during the ceremony, or do I also wear it at other times, later in the evening?

I am a new professor. Do I have to wear a doctor's hat?

I am a new professor and have been conferred at another university. Should I wear the doctor's hat I received at my conferement to the ceremony?

I am a new professor. I was conferred to Doctor of Philosophy and received a wreath. Should I wear that in my installation to professor?

At the ceremony, doctor's rings aren't presented to new doctors. Can I still buy one, and wear it during the ceremony?

When do I get my diploma and what is its significance?

May anyone attend the ceremony?

A friend of mine who uses a wheelchair would like to attend the ceremony. Can a special place be arranged?

The dinner Show/Hide content

At the dinner, what will the seating arrangements be?

May I bring children to the dinner?

May I bring a child in a pram?

Must my dinner guest wear formal dress?

May I bring more guests to the dinner than are on the invitation, if I pay for their meals?

As a new doctor I may invite three guests. Do I pay for any of them and how do I make the payment?

Does my husband/wife/significant other count as one of the three guests I may invite?

I have friends who are promoted at the same ceremony. May we be placed close to each other at the dinner?

Can I order a vegetarian meal?

Will there be alcohol-free drinks?

I have more than one supervisor that I want to invite to the ceremony. How do I do?

If my principal supervisor is not able to attend, can I specify my secondary supervisor in the registration instead

I am a new doctor. Will my supervisor be invited?

Will the supervisor I have specified in my registration be placed close to me at the dinner?

When I specify a guest during registration, will he/she receive a separate invitation to the ceremony?

When paying for my dinner guests, do I need to enter a message or an OCR number?