First International Summer Academy

This summer Linköping University will host its first Summer Academy for students from international partner universities. About 120 people from all over the world will study in Linköping for four weeks in July.

Photo credit: Maria Karlberg“The concept of our Summer Academy, which is only open to students from partner universities and is tuition free, is quite unique”, says project manager Ida van der Woude (picture).

“This is a way for Linköping University to achieve a more balanced student exchange, particularly with English-speaking countries where many of our own students want to go. We also hope that some of the summer students will return to study a master’s programme.”

The students come from 14 different countries, including Canada, China, France, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States. They have been able to choose among courses such as “Academic English”, “Innovation and Entrepreneurship in a Swedish context” and “Drug Addiction - From Genes to Behaviour”.

Inauguration 4 July 

The Summer Academy will be inaugurated 4 July at the University Hospital Campus, where also tuition will take place.

“We’ve chosen to be there because it’s closer to the town centre and more lively during the summer months”, says Ida van der Woude.

Most students will stay in student corridors in Ryd, Linköping’s largest area of student housing. Six student hosts have been recruited and will make sure there are lots of things to do during evenings and weekends. Study tours to Stockholm and the historic town of Vadstena will be offered at the student’s own expense.

“I hope they enjoy their time here. We’re really happy to offer this opportunity and are already making plans for next year’s Summer Academy”, says Ida van der Woude.

Footnote: Linköping University has about 500 exchange agreements with universities in some 50 countries.

Photo credit: Thor Balkhed