Employees give LiU top marks

Blå Havet, Campus Valla Photo credit: Anna Nilsen

In the most recent co-worker survey (in 2017) 77% considered LiU to be a good place to work. The results show that leadership and employeeship are two areas that are particularly well-developed here, with leadership being the most highly rated area in the survey. Co-workers here appreciate their immediate superior, and the leaders find their role well-defined and unambiguous.

With respect to employeeship, two statements receive the strongest support: “I am proud to work at LiU” and “I recommend others to seek employment at LiU”. Social interactions are also highly appreciated. Eighty-three percent discuss questions and challenges that arise in their work with colleagues, and we feel secure, respected and accepted. Furthermore, we feel that the work we do is important and stimulating.

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Preventive healthcare

Linköping University aspires to be an attractive workplace where the well-being and health of the co-workers are important elements. Each employee is offered a tax-free amount of SEK 2,000 per calendar year to purchase preventive health care. The annual benefit will be raised to SEK 2,500 per employee with effect from 1 January 2021.

Lifestyle tests

Several internet-based lifestyle tests are available to enable co-workers to easily gain information about their health choices, and receive personal advice based on the answers. If necessary, detailed advice and tools can be used to support changes.

Pause exercises

LiU offers all co-workers a computer-based programme of pause exercises designed to prevent stiffness in the muscles of the neck, back and shoulders for those who spend a lot of time at a computer. An additional programme of pause exercises takes the form of medical yoga provided by Balans Online.

Costs for medicines

We remunerate employees for the costs of prescription medicines up to the high-cost threshold.

Computer glasses

Anyone who works at a computer screen for more than one hour a day has the right to a sight test and special spectacles designed for use at a computer monitor. LiU remunerates the cost of the sight test, frames and lenses, within limits determined by the framework agreement.

Occupational health services

LiU has a contract with Feelgood, the university’s partner for occupational health services. Feelgood provides support with issues relating to the work environment, health and rehabilitation.

Skills development and career pathways

Management and leadership

The management programme must be taken by all managers with responsibility for personnel issues. The aim of the programme is to give managers education in the role of employer. Managers are also to develop personal leadership in order to be able to contribute to improving LiU’s operations. The role of manager is to be experienced as meaningful, manageable and comprehensible, while the university at the same time wants to make clear the expectations for leadership, and contribute to creating clarity in the duties of a leader. For those who are curious about what it means to be a leader at LiU, we offer the “Nyfiken på ledarskap” programme, which gives an introduction to what it means to have a leadership role here.

Academic career pathways

Our academic career pathways provide the opportunity to apply for promotion to a higher level of teacher employment.

Career development

Career development for administrative and technical personnel focuses on language, communication, intercultural communication, group development and expertise in the systems used at LiU. Specialists in several areas develop and deepen their expertise within their specific areas.

Doctoral student development programme

Our aim is to reinforce and support doctoral students to lead themselves and manage performance demands. Also to provide the opportunity to make contacts and exchange experiences with other doctoral students. Read more

Working hours


Government employees have the right to paid holiday during the first year of employment. The holiday entitlement depends on age:

  • Up to and including the year of the 29th birthday – 28 days
  • With effect from the year of the 30th birthday – 31 days
  • With effect from the year of the 40th birthday – 35 days

Bank holidays and other free days

On the day before certain bank holidays, the ordinary working hours are reduced by 2-4 hours. If what would otherwise have been a working day falls between two free days, one of them being a bank holiday, it is free (for technical and administrative personnel). The working hours agreement that we have is favourable with respect to the opportunity to take flexitime and to deviate from normal working hours, and the annual full-time equivalent hours is also low.

Paid leave

Employees may take paid leave for visits to the doctor, occupational healthcare service, chiropractor, physiotherapist, naprapath, psychiatrist/psychologist/psychotherapist, maternity healthcare clinic, and other instances. Certain expenses and/or paid leave may be granted when moving house. We also have a favourable agreement governing parental leave, which means that we can receive 10% as parental salary for a period of 1 year.


All employees at LiU are covered by several insurance policies:

  • Work-related travel insurance covers all domestic and international work-related travel. It is valid during the complete period of travel, including preparatory travel.
  • Group life insurance provides financial protection for the policy holder’s spouse or partner and children in the event of the policy holder’s death.
  • Occupational injury insurance covers occupational injury or illness that arises as a consequence of accident or that in another way is caused by work.

Trygghetsstiftelsen – The Job Security Foundation

A person who has been continuously employed for at least two years can obtain help from the Job Security Foundation to find new employment and financial benefits, if the employment comes to an end. Becoming a client and the amount of remuneration paid (if any) depend on the duration and degree of the employment.


Salary sacrifice

We offer the opportunity to enter into an individual agreement for salary sacrifice relating to extra provisions for future pension. The sacrifice may take the form of refraining from using saved holiday or a regular monthly deduction from gross salary.

Partial pension

A government employee can receive a partial pension at any time after the month of the 61st birthday. The maximum duration for the payment of partial pension is up to and including the month before employee’s 65th birthday. The employer takes the decision whether an employee has the right to take out partial pension.

Survivor’s pension

A survivor’s pension is money that can be paid to a spouse or partner and children younger than 20 years old following an employee’s death. Survivor’s pension is paid for a maximum of 6 years or up to and including the date on which the deceased employee would have become 70 years of age, whichever occurs first.

Disability pension

A person who has been granted full disability benefit without a date limit from Försäkringskassan receives a government disability pension that corresponds to 21% of salary during the five years preceding the year in which the disability pension started to be paid. This applies to salaries up to 7.5 times the price basic amount. The level of remuneration above this is 81%. Those who have been granted partial disability benefit or disability benefit with a date limit will receive temporary disability pension at a level of 25, 50, 75, or 100%, depending on a decision taken by Försäkringskassan.

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