LiU Holding’s 2014 Award for the Entrepreneurial Teacher of the Year went to no fewer than four people who together have served as driving forces for entrepreneurship and innovation on the Occupational therapy programme.

The award was shared between Jane Holstein, Annette Kjellberg, Elin Ekbladh and Kristin Alfredsson Ågren from ISV, in recognition of their contribution to the Occupational Therapy programme.

Utdelning av LiU Holdings pris 2014 för Årets entreprenöriella lärare.

Award statement:

“By furnishing their students with an entrepreneurial approach and the tools for developing their activities, these enthusiastic teachers have given the programme a clear streak of entrepreneurship and innovative thinking. Courses and modules are in continuous development, and in this process collaboration with other faculties and the surrounding community are important and prioritised elements, fully in tune with LiU’s long term efforts to establish a culture of collaboration.”

Persons in the picture, from the left to the right:

Johan Lilliecreutz LiU Innovation, Elin Ekbladh Occupational therapy programme, Kristin Alfredsson Ågren Occupational therapy programme, Anette Kjellberg Occupational therapy programme, Jane Holstein Occupational therapy programme Helen Dannetun Vice-Chancellor Linköping University and Gio Fornell LiU Innovation.