Good student-staff ratios at LiU

Linköping University is among the top 100 universities according to a recent international ranking of student-staff ratios.

Times Higher Education has identified 13 parameters that it applies in its annual global ranking. LiU places 65th, just ahead of prestigious Stanford University in the United States.

The top 100 places are dominated by American universities, followed by Japanese. Somewhat surprisingly, no British universities made the list.

At the top are mainly universities with few students. Number one is the Medical College of Wisconsin - where there are actually more teachers than students.

Phil Batty, editor of the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, believes that the list provides a clear, albeit simplified, indication of a university's ability to provide a learning environment with a high degree of interaction, involvement and support for students.

Apart from Linköping University there is one other Swedish university on the list: the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) at place 17.

“It’s commendable to create ranking lists that are relevant to the students, otherwise the lists tend to be totally research focussed. But it is difficult to obtain reliable data in this area, which this ranking is probably is an example of. On the other hand we’re a strong research university with a very clear student focus. We’re delighted that this gets publicity,” says Lars Holberg, Linköping University’s Director of International Affairs.