Guidance in implementing priority setting processes

The National Centre for Priority Setting in Health Care provides guidance and education for regions/country councils, municipalities, and organisations involved in, or planning to initiate, priority setting processes.

Guidance includes education in the national model for transparent prioritisation in Swedish health care and its applications, and is adapted to the type of processes with which participants work. Priority setting efforts can be conducted at different levels, e.g. regions/county councils, clinical departments, organisations, or professional groups. Hence, guidance can be adapted to the questions and preferences of the participants and might vary depending on their needs. Formats could vary from a single seminar to a course where the participants meet regularly over a longer or shorter time period. We recommend that both leaders with overall responsibility and managers in charge of practical implementation participate.


A seminar could include a review of the Swedish Parliament’s (Riksdagens) principles and guidelines for priority setting, tools for priority setting in the national model, and opportunities to discuss how to implement priority setting processes.


A course offers the opportunity to receive in-depth guidance in your priority setting activities and discuss and exchange experiences with other participants concerning the practical aspects of setting priorities. Courses could more beneficial when arranged jointly by several organisations. The approach is problem based, which means that the issues of concern to the participants determine the content of the sessions, which consist of both lectures and discussions.

Other methods of mentoring according to need.

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