Honorary doctors' lectures

We invite you to inspiring lectures by LiU's honorary doctors of 2022. The lectures are open to the public and free to attend and took place on 10 and 11 November 2022.

Honorary Doctors 2023

Infrastruktur för resurseffektivt samhälle (in Swedish

Honorary Doctor of technology Charlotta Sund

Honorary Doctors of Technology 2022

The importance of cross-disciplinary collaboration to meet the increasing complexity of future challenges

Lena Miranda

VD Linköping Science Park

Möbler och miljöer - min resa i tid och rum (in Swedish)

Åke Axelsson

Interior and furniture designer

Towards the circular economy: the role of science, business, civil society and policy

Arnold Tukker

Professor, Leiden University, Netherlands

Honorary Doctor of Philosophy 2022

Learning and thinking processes in children with cognitive disabilities

Lucy Henry
Professor of Speech and Language, City, University of London

Honorary Doctor of Medicine 2022

Understanding self-care in chronic illness: lessons learnt and future outlooks

Barbara Riegel

Professor, School of Nursing, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Commencement Ceremony 2022