Housing via LiU

Exchange students studying the majority of their courses in Linköping apply for accommodation at the same time as applying for courses. The application deadline is 15 April for the autumn term and before the 15 October for the spring term.

Corridor Living


Linköping University has an agreement with the housing company Studentbostäder in Linköping, but it is not guaranteed that you will get a room. If you are going to study in Norrköping, you can sign up with the housing company Studentbo. Start looking early and make sure to have other alternatives. If there are more applicants than rooms, priority will be given to students whose application forms were received first. 

Whether or not you will be allocated a room, you will be notified by post and email by the end of November/May at the latest. Rooms are rented only on a full month basis. For example, if you have been allocated the room from the first of August, but arrive on the 16th, you still have to pay rent for the whole month.

The rooms

Most student rooms are for one person and approximately 20 square meters with a private bathroom. Some students are allocated a room to share with one other student. In this case, the room will have two beds, a refrigerator inside the room and a shared bathroom. It is not possible to choose the type of room you will be allocated. 

Rooms are often placed in the same corridor, with a shared kitchen and living room. Usually, rooms are located in student housing areas close to campus. The rent starts at approximately 3,400 SEK/month.

The rooms are furnished, but you will have to bring your own pillows, blankets and sheets. Heating, electricity, water and internet are included in the rent. In the shared kitchen you will have your own part of the fridge and freezer. Kitchen utensils are not included, but it might be possible to borrow from other students in the corridor.

If you have a car it you can rent a parking space, which you can arrange for once you have arrived in Sweden.

Moving in

You can pick up your room key at the International Student Reception in the Zenit building on Campus Valla. Keys are available for pick-up from 1 p.m. during office hours. If you arrive outside office hours, a friend or a peer student may pick up the keys for you. If your room is booked from the first day of a month, it will be available from the first weekday of that month.

The housing contract will be once you arrive in Sweden. You will also fill in the cancellation date of the tenancy agreement. If you wish to cancel your contract earlier, you must submit an official notice at least three calendar months in advance. Oral and email cancellations cannot be accepted.

Paying the rent

The rent is due in advance for each month and the monthly invoice will be sent to your address. For example, the rent for September must be paid at the end August. For the first month of the contract you must pay within 48 hours after your arrival.

You can pay your rent several ways:

- Bring your invoice and money to the tobacco shop Direkten next to Hemköp in Ryd’s Centre (Linköping). They will charge 39 SEK per invoice.
- Bring your invoice and your credit card to any bank. A bank normally charges up to 150 SEK per invoice.
- Make an international money transfer from your home bank. Send an email to housing@liu.se for instructions.

Other ways to find housing