Priorities 2018 - International Conference on Priorities in Health 2018

Priorities 2018

The International Society on Priorities in Health (ISPH) had its 12th biannual international conference together with Linköping University.

The conference was held in Linköping, Sweden,
13-15 September 2018

The theme was "Priority setting - ideas in practice".

The International Society on Priorites in Health Care was formed in 1996. The purpose of the society is to strengthen the theory and practice of priority setting in health care.
It provides a forum in which people involved in priority setting can come together.

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Photos from the conference Priorities 2018


Day 1

Introduction Lars Sandman (Swedish National Centre for Priorities in Health, Linköping University, Sweden)

Plenary session one:

Politics in Priority Setting
- When and how can we set limits in welfare states?

Jonas Hinnfors (Professor of Political Science at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden)
Ellen Kuhlmann (PhD, Registered Nurse, is currently Research Group Leader of Health Policy and Management at the Institute of Epidemiology, Social Medicine and Health System Research, Medical School Hannover, Germany)

Parallell sessions

Joar Björk (Karolinska University, Sweden): Arguing Against the Moral Relevance of Luck Egalitarianism in Health Care Priority Setting

Karin Gulbrandsson (Public Health Agency of Sweden): Priority Setting in Public Health

Iestyn Williams (University of Birmingham, UK): The Hidden Face of Rationing?: An Examination of Capital Spending Behaviour in Times of Rsource Constraint in the English NHS

Hege Wang (The Norwegian Directorate of Health, Norway): Project on Priority Setting in Norwegian Hospitals 

Colene Bentley (Canadian Centre for Applied Research in Cancer Control, Canada): Support for Reassessing Post-approval Cancer Drugs: Results From a Series of Public Deliberations on Cancer Drug Funding in Canada

Maarten Jansen (Radboud University Medical Center, the Netherlands): Reimbursement Decisions in the Netherlands - A Citizen Panel: Does it Influence Participants´ Views on Healthcare Priority Setting?

Vivian Reckers (Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands): Does Participation in a Citizen Panel Influence Views on Healthcare Priority Setting in the Netherlands?

Gert Jan van der Wilt (Department of Health Evidence, the Netherlands): Specifying Norms as a Means to Support Priority Setting in Healthcare

Keith Syrett (University of Bristol, UK): Developing a Framework for Priority Setting in Health and Social Care

Denise Ferreira (Faculdade Estacio de Sa de Vitoria, Brazil): Resistance Exercise and Women´s Health - Risks for Urinary Incontince in Women Young Adaults

Fagner Luiz Pachero Salles (Faculdade Estacio de Sa de Vitoria, Brazil): Evaluation of the Effect of Music Therapy During Physiotherapy Sessions in Elderly Patients of Nursing Home

Karin Stenström, Emin Hoxha Ekström (Swedish Agency for Health, Sweden): Treatment Options of Arm Fracturs in the Elderly

Neale Smith (University of British Columbia, Canada): Priority Setting Practise Among Physician Engagement Initiatives in British Columbia, Canada

Rachel Baker (Glasgow Caedonian University, UK): Societal Values and Priority Setting. What Should We Do When People Disagree? Exploring Approaches to Plurality

Marion Danis (National Institutes of Health, United States):Engaging the Pulbic in Priority Setting for Health in a Rural Setting in South Africa: The CHAT SA Project

Panel session

Priority Implications with Shared Decision-making - Report from a Research Program
Niklas Juth (Karolinska Institute, Sweden)
Lars Sandman (Linköping University)


Day 2

Plenary session two:

Health Economic in Priority Setting
- Priority setting with economic constraints - what´s the opportunity cost?

Werner Brouwer (Professor of Health Economics at the Erasmus School of Health Policy & Mangement (ESHPM) of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands)
Joanna Coast (Professor in the Economics of Health & Care at the University of Bristol, UK)


WHO: Using Economic Evidence and Tools to Aid Priority Setting for Health in Low- and Middle Income Countries
John Wong (Consultant to PhilHealth, the Philippines)

Parallell sessions

Eirik Tranvåg (University of Bergen, Norway): Clinical Decision Making in Cancer Care: Current and Future Roles of Patient Age

Vivian Reckers (Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands): Looking Back and Moving Forward: On the Application of Proportional Shortfall in Healthcare Priority Setting in the Netherlands

Corinee Gower (University of Wellington, New Zealand): What do We do if our Priorities don't Align? A New Zealand Study of Health Priorities in an Institutional Context

Eva Arvidsson (Linköping University, Sweden): National Quality Indicators Improve Priority Setting in Primary Care

Alemayehu Hailu (Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia): Cost-effectiveness of Combined Intervention of Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLINs) and Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) Compared with Each Intervention Alone for Malaria Prevention in Ethiopia

Lars Sandman (Linköping University, Sweden): Rationing Non Cost-effective Treatment Through Withholding and Withdrawing Treatment- Is There an Ethical Difference?

Jonathan Siverskog (Linköping University, Sweden): In Search of Sweden´s Cost-effectiveness Threshold

Gerd Lärfars (Stockholm County Coucil, Sweden): To Achieve Regional Compliance with Orphan Drugs Receommendations - The Example from The New Therapies Council in Sweden

Brayan V. Seixas (University of British Columbia, Canada): HTA in its Right Place: Within a Broad Priority-setting Framework

Panel session

A Panel Discussion How to Base Health Priorities in Zambia on the Sustainable Development Goals
Jens Byskov (University of Zambia)

What is Needed to Make a Fair and Cost Effective National Essentioal Health Benefit Package: The Case of Ethiopia
Alemayehu Hailu (Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia)
Kashu Bekuretsion (HSS Technical Advisor, MoH, Ethiopia)


Day 3

Plenary session three:

The role of emotions in hard decisions  
- Which are they?

Paul Slovic (Founder and President of Decision Research and Professor of Psychology at the Unviersity of Oregon, Studies Human Judgment, and Risk Analysis)
Bjorn Hoffmann (Professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) at Gjovik and an Adjunct Professor at the Centre for Medical Ethics at the University of Oslo)

Panel session

Orphan Drugs and Different Cost-effectiveness Thresholds - Should Size Matter?
Lars Sandman (Linköping University, Sweden)
Niklas Juth (Karolinska Institute, Sweden)

Parallell sessions

Victoria Charlton (King´s College London, UK): Plus ca change? How NICE´s Evolving Approach Does - and Does Not - Promote Fairer Decision Making in Healthcare Priority Setting

Anette Winberg (Making Priorities in Cross-professional Teams - Examples From the Habilitation Sector in Sweden

Victoria Charlton (King´s College London, UK): Does Prioritising the New Promote Fairness? The Role of Innovation in Healthcare Priority Setting in the UK





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