If you are a new master’s student at the Ecology and the Environment program, you will have a chance to meet Lars during your first compulsory course – Methods in Ecology.


Lars is a landscape ecologist who spends 80% of his working time teaching students and other professors as well. Except for Methods in Ecology, you can learn a lot from him on evolution, scientific methods and GIS courses. And if you are a teacher who is just about to start working at LiU, Lars will share his knowledge in pedagogics and didactics with you.  

“I really enjoy my job and everything about it: students, colleagues and especially the atmosphere here at LiU which is really relaxed and flexible. You will never find locked doors, whether you are a student or teacher.”
Lars Westerberg, Assistant professor 

Lars is a supervisor for the bachelor’s and master’s thesis, mostly for Ecology and the Environment, but also for the Applied Ethology and Animal Biology master’s program.

“The thing I love most about my work is seeing students coming every autumn.”

He also enjoys talking to his old students and see how they have developed. Since teachers in general want students to do a lot of individual work, Lars and his colleagues are forming groups of students who are working on similar issues for their thesis, and supervise them together. This is good for individual work, since students can have discussions with their colleagues, as well as with other professors who are not their mentors.

“I appreciate when students are working individually, showing that they are independent. Also, it is really important and good if they can combine previously gained knowledge with new, and use it to solve problems and do exercises"