LiU student takes gold in World Orienteering Championships

Jerker Lysell, an undergraduate in civil engineering at LiU, took gold in the sprint event at the World Orienteering Championships last weekend.

Jerker Lysell. Guldmedaljör Vm i oreintering 2016Photo credit: Peter Holgersson 

"This is what I've been training twice a day for the past 15 years for. This is going to be one of my greatest achievements, no matter what I do in the future," says Jerker Lysell.

Emil Svensk, also studying civil engineering, came in 10th in the same event.

Both students are part of "LiU Elitidrott", a university initiative to provide the best possible training support in elite athletics and orienteering.

The World Orienteering Championships take place in Strömstad, Sweden, and the surrounding countryside, 20-27 August.

The Swedish Orienteering Federation (in Swedish)


Published 2016-08-22