LiU is now on Snapchat

Curious about student life? This week Linköping University launched its Snapchat account. It’ll be managed mainly by the university’s students, so you’ll get to see their view of uni life.

“Our aim is that as many people as possible will follow us, and find it interesting and fun,” says Anna Malmborg, communications officer for student recruitment at

One target group for the Snapchat account is prospective students who are currently in senior secondary school. According to the study The Swedes and the internet 2016, 92 per cent of girls and 71 per cent of boys use Snapchat on a daily basis.

“The Snapchat account will be a natural complement to our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. We’ll use it to present the day-to-day lives of our students, to young people who are interested in continuing their studies after senior secondary school.”

Snapchat logoIt works like this: a number of students manage the account for a particular period, with frequent personal updates from student life, before handing over to other students.

“We know that our students are proud of their university and we hope this will be reflected in the account. Our aim is that students from every faculty and from many different nationalities will manage the account, to show how diverse our university is,” says Anna Malmborg.


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