Contract education course: Activity, intervention and evalutation, 7.5 credits

The course is for occupational therapists who treat individual with cognitive disabilities due to psychological or neurological symptoms or diagnoses. The purpose is to provide an understanding of psychological conditions and psychosocial problems, as well as neurological disorders and injuries that compromise the ability to engage in various activities of daily living.

Sträcker upp händerna (människor i skugga) / Hands in the air (people in shadow)

The course imparts knowledge about performing an assessment of preventive, improvement and compensatory measures on behalf of those with cognitive and communication disabilities. It also stresses the value of evidence during interventions, along with ways for an occupational therapy to adopt a professional attitude in such situations and when performing evaluations. You will learn about the benefits associated with explaining, discussing and assessing the role of preventive, improvement and compensatory measures. Acquire knowledge of the benefits and significance of evidence during occupational therapy interventions and evaluations, as well as insight into assessing a professional approach in relation to the intervention and evaluation process.

Instruction is based on problem-based learning – as a result, seminars are the most common method as a means of focusing on your particular interest in acquiring knowledge. The five days scheduled at the campus will consist of lectures and seminars directed by one or more faculty members. The theme for each day will be carried over to the next session, giving you the opportunity to seek knowledge that will ensure in-depth learning. The lectures serve as an introduction, along with inspiration for your own work and the seminars.

The exam involves an individual written assignment and a final group seminar. Plan to spend one day a week on course content in addition to actual instruction.

The course includes coffee, snacks and fruit in the morning, as well as two books. If you have any questions about the course at this point, feel free to contact the course director.

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