“LiU is absolutely worth your time!”

Maria Malidaki from Greece has been enjoying Sweden for two years now, where she is enrolled on the master’s programme in Ethology and Animal Biology at LiU.

Maria MalidakiShe was awarded her bachelor’s degree in Management, Science and Technology at the Athens University of Economics in 2007. In 2013, she gained a diploma in Veterinary Medicine from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
And now she has been in Linköping for quite some time, so how did she end up at LiU?

“I was looking for a programme that dealt with animal behaviour, welfare and conservation in Europe. This was not easy, since there are not many programmes in this field. But this one seemed to be perfect. And it turned out to be the perfect choice for me.”

Ethology is a complex science, and the programme demands a high level of commitment, patience and research. “Sometimes it’s like having a full-time job, but it is also very self-developing and the education we receive is excellent.”

“The organisation is better at LiU than at other universities I’ve attended. And assessment is based on much more that sit-in exams. Further, the master’s students here come from many countries, which makes the experience much richer.”

Many LiU students often emphasise the close bond between them and their teachers: they consider them more as friends and colleagues. Maria also finds her teachers to be friendly, skilled and – above all – cooperative.
If you are still searching for your future university or have already decided to join the LiU family, there is something Maria wants you to know:

“Both the university environment and the surrounding areas are very student‑oriented, so LiU is absolutely worth your time!”