Master’s education in social work

We have constructed a package of courses designed not only for those who have recently graduated in social work (or another relevant subject) but also for those professionally active in the field who want to deepen their knowledge.

It is possible to take the courses in order to progress to third-cycle education, or they can be used as the basis for developing specialist expertise for more advanced professional responsibilities.

LiU teaches the second-cycle courses as part-time study (50%) in order to create flexibility for students.

It is not necessary to sign up for a complete master’s programme, and the courses can be taken individually. If you want to study full-time in order to complete a master’s degree as rapidly as possible, a number of course combinations are available in a flexible package. 

The courses that start in the autumn term are taken together with students taking term 7 of the social work programme.

The meeting on the same course between professionals active in social work and those taking the study programme can create dynamism and a positive learning environment.

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