Name: Merten Reglitz
Home town & country: Münster, Germany
Current position and workplace: Senior Research Fellow, Cluster of Excellence ‘The Formation of Normative Orders’, Goethe-University Frankfurt, Germany
Education at LiU: MA in Applied Ethics
Graduation year: 2007


How come you chose LiU and Sweden?

The Erasmus Mundus Master programmes of the European Commission present prestigious opportunities for students and signify the high quality in teaching and research at the universities that offer these programmes. I was fortunate to be accepted to study for such an Erasmus Mundus Master that was taught at the universities in Linköping, Sweden and Utrecht, the Netherlands.


What from your experiences at LiU has been most beneficial? What has been most useful in your career? What do you value the most?

During my studies in Linköping, I learned about the research that is done in the area of global political (in)justice. Due to the excellent teaching at Linköping University, I was prepared to work in this field and I have been involved in it ever since. I enjoyed the personal contact I had with my teachers and the community of students, in which I found many friends, many of whom I am still in touch with today.


What would you say to future students on the programme?

My time in Linköping has been very enjoyable and important for my life as a whole. My studies have prepared me well for my further work at universities and the MA degree I obtained has opened doors for further opportunities. The teaching is of excellent quality and the teachers genuinely care about the learning and the well-being of their students. I found the people of Linköping and Sweden in general to be extremely friendly and open to foreigners. Linköping is also a good base for exploring quite a few parts of this beautiful country. Finally, I would have not wanted to miss the experiences of the short summer nights as well as the snowy winter with its short days. I would encourage students to consider studying in Linköping and am certain that, like I have, they could benefit enormously from spending some time or pursuing a degree at the university.