" I love that the professors are kind and they like to hear what you have to say..."

Mirjam Ansorge finished her bachelor studies in General Biology at Georg August Universität in Göttingen, Germany. After successfully finishing her bachelor thesis where she explored the species richness of coral reefs over the years, she decided to apply for a master’s program at LiU. 

Mirjam had been searching for ecology master’s programs in Europe and when she read the description of the master's program Ecology and the Environment at LiU, it sounded like something she wanted to do. Mirjam liked that the courses seemed to be more practical than theoretical. After two months here, she says that she really like that.

Mirjam likes that she is going to spend the whole second year of this program working on just her master’s thesis. She is also really happy about the relatively small group of students on this program.

  “It is really nice to have just few people in the group – you can really meet with them and become close. I also love that the professors are kind and they like to hear what you have to say, instead of just teaching you. It is a two–way learning process.”

 She is stressing that studying at LiU means that you need to be flexible; classes are very interactive, you are expected to work independently as much as possible and you are encouraged to take initiative. 

The thing I like the most is that you have an informal relationship with the teachers. You refer to them by their first name and they are always taking your ideas into account. Also, during lab work, the group have their “own” lab, which is really cool.
Mirjam Ansorge, student on the master's program Ecology and the Environment

Beside studies, Mirjam likes the university campus that she says is really big, but still compact, surrounded by forest, but still really close to the city center and always full of events happening all the time.

“The city of Linköping is really cozy, you can find everything you need, and the most important thing for international students – it is very close to the airports. The only thing I don’t like is the queue system for finding accommodation, and you need to register as soon as possible so you can get your living space. Otherwise, it could be difficult to find a place to live. If you have not done this, you can always try couch surfing for a while.”