Welcome to the Medical Faculty in Linköping and congratulations on getting accepted to the Bachelors in Experimental and Industrial Biomedicine! This is the beginning of a wonderful period of your life! We are your Faddrar (basically peer students) and we are here to answer every question and to calm every nerve. We will help you with anything you need during your time in Linköping. We have Faddrar-on-Call during the entire summer, whom you can call, text or email if you have any questions. Their contact information is in the Nollehandbok, which you can download on this page 

In Sweden we have a tradition called ‘’Nolle-P’’. This is a two-week Welcome Period for all new students, which is an excellent chance for you to get to know your new classmates, the University and to get settled! The Welcome Period consists of different types of activities throughout the weeks, there are activities for all kinds of interests. To make things easier, we have created a handbook for you. In this handbook there are descriptions to words and events that you need to know, but also other practical information that can be helpful to a new student. There is also a schedule for the Welcome Period in the handbook. The Welcome Period starts on August 20th, which is one week before school starts. We truly recommend you join us on this day so you can get settled and acquainted.  

To be able to make this Welcome Period as good as possible, we have created a questionnaire that we would like for you to answer. In the questionnaire there are descriptions of all activities during the Welcome Period. Please answer it as soon as possible!

We are looking forward to meeting you!
Kind Regards,
Your Faddrar



Download the booklet for the welcome period