New master’s programme in design

The admission period for LiU’s new international master’s programme in design is now underway. This two-year interdisciplinary design programme addresses societal challenges, with the first year focussed on food waste and nomadic welfare.

The programme contains three design tracks that enable students to advance their knowledge and skills within one area of speciality. The tracks currently available are Sustainable Futures, Transformative Service and Visual Media.

“The aim of the programme is to train designers who can understand and take on the complex new challenges facing society, who can use their knowledge and skills to take leadership roles in the work to build a sustainable future,” says Stefan Holmlid, professor of interaction and service design at Linköping University.

The international master’s in design welcomes students of different backgrounds. They should have an excellent sense of design and a genuine interest in advancing the design discipline. Their previous studies can be in fields including management, design, architecture, cognitive science and crafts, or in completely different fields.

Long history in design

Linköping University, LiU, has a long history of research and training in design. In the 1970s it started a programme for teachers of crafts. Courses in design were integrated in many engineering programmes at an early stage. LiU is a pioneer in studio-based learning outside the traditional art and design schools in Sweden, and is an innovator in the field of service design.

Today LiU is one of Sweden’s largest universities for design research, with research at two faculties and five divisions. Including the new master’s programme, LiU offers five bachelor’s and three master’s programmes in design.

The first admissions round for the international master’s in design will continue until 16 January 2017. All instruction is in English.


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