Pre-Departure Guide: For new international degree students 2018

Preparing for your arrival in Sweden involves many pre-departure steps to ensure a smooth start at LiU. before you get on a plane to Sweden we recommend you check out this guide.

Flygplan på flygplatsMoving to study in another country requires a lot of preparation, which at first can seem like a daunting task. The preparation checklist will help you keep track of what to do before you arrive.
  • A place to stay

Housing companies in Linköping and Norrköping use a system where you create a free account and receive one queue point for each day you are registered. The more queue points you have, the better your chances are of getting the housing of your choice. Note that students who bring their with them cannot stay in a student corridor room. 

FEE-PAYING STUDENTS AND SCHOLARSHIP HOLDERS will be offered accommodation in a student corridor room. You need to accept and pay the tuition fee by 1 June.

EU/EEA AND NON-FEE PAYING STUDENTS will need to look for accommodation on their own. Start queuing early, since it will become more difficult to find a place to live the longer you wait.

If possible, you will want to avoid arriving in Sweden without a place to stay.

  • Health insurance

Healthcare in Sweden can be very expensive if you do not have health insurance. We highly recommend that you get complimentary insurance before leaving for Sweden.

FEE-PAYING STUDENTS will be covered by FAS+ insurance during the time they are registered as students.

EU/EEA STUDENTS  need to arrange a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). If you are not eligible for EHIC, we recommend that you arrange private insurance.

  • The right to enter Sweden

FEE-PAYING STUDENTS have to apply for a residence permit by 1 June at the latest. To ensure that you obtain your permit in time, submit your application as soon as you have received the Notification of Selection Results and paid the first instalment of your tuition fees. The invoice is sent out at the beginning of May. Apply online at as this will make processing your application simpler. Read carefully which documents are required in your case and submit a complete application. Incomplete applications will not be processed until they have been completed and then you might miss the arrival or registration deadline. Students who will not study on campus full-time need to apply for a short-term visa instead.

EU/EEA STUDENTS with sufficient means have right of residence in Sweden and do not need to apply for a residence permit or register their stay. You can enter Sweden freely with a valid ID, such as a passport. Some countries have special rules, e.g. Switzerland.
Contact us at for more information.

  • Sufficient means

You need to have an international debit or credit card, or exchange some Swedish cash prior to your arrival, as US dollars and Euro are not accepted in Sweden. Money
exchange offices may be closed if you arrive after office hours. If possible, do not bring too much cash with you due to risk of theft during travel. The average budget for a student in Sweden is SEK 8,190 per month, as calculated by the Swedish Migration Agency.

FEE-PAYING STUDENTS must be able to show documentation that they have SEK 81,900 for the first year of studies. Additional means are required for the upkeep of family members who accompany you to Sweden. Read more on the Swedish Migration Agency's website
EU/EEA STUDENTS are not required to submit such proof but must guarantee that they have sufficient means to support themselves.

  • Bring all necessary documents

Your admission is granted on the condition that you present originals of documents used in support of your application, and their translation. Bring a valid ID, preferably a passport, where the expiry date is clearly stated. National IDs from Europe that do not have an expiry date are not accepted in Sweden. If you are married and/or have children, bring the relevant certificates. This may be necessary for your registration in Sweden.

  • Arrive in time to start your studies

Your faculty's Information Day at the beginning of the semester is a great way to get started as a new student at Linköping University. You will receive important information and handouts regarding your studies and other practical issues. After your Information Day, you are invited to attend a Welcome Fair where you will meet various on-campus
services, and get to mingle with fellow students. All master’s programmes start with a roll call. Attendance is mandatory, or you will lose your place on the programme.
The exact dates for roll call to your programme are available via your programme specific admitted information available via

  • Know how to get to campus

For instructions on how to get to your particular campus, check the
Planning your travel to LiU page. It is good to know that in Sweden, you cannot buy tickets for local buses and trains using cash. You need to purchase a prepaid card, a monthly card or a single ticket at the newsagent Pressbyrån, or the green Quickomat machines, often located at busier stops. 


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