This page contains practical information for those who are registered for this year's Commencement Ceremony.

You have registered for this year’s Commencement Ceremony which takes place in Linköping Konsert & Kongress (LKK) May 26-27. Please double-check the confirmation that was sent out after your registration to ensure all is correct. The information you have given us such as names of the guests and title of doctoral thesis will be used in programmes that are handed out. If you want to change anything or if you want a new confirmation, please contact

Schedule Saturday May 27

Kl. 11.40
Meeting point is at the main entrance (LKK) where the Grand Marshal Helena Iacobaeus will greet you.

Kl. 11.45 until approx. -13.30
Rehearsal in Crusellhallen led by the Grand Marshal and student Marshals.

Kl. 15.30
Doors to Crusellhallen will open for the audience. Participants should be seated by 16.00. Tickets are not required.

Kl. 15.45
Line-up for the Academic Procession in Marmorfoajén.

Kl. 16.00
The Academic Procession is ready to commence.

Kl. 16.15-approx. 18.30
Commencement Ceremony in Crusellhallen.

Kl. 18.30
Reception in Marmorfoajén.

Before 19.00
Your doctoral hat (which may not be worn during the banquet) can be stored in the wardrobe. Ensure you label your hat and hat box with your name.

Kl. 19.00
All need to be seated in correct seats in Garden (the venue for the banquet)

Approx. 22.00
Dance in Backstage.


The rehearsal is mandatory. Since the rehearsal is short, you are expected to prepare by watching our instructional video:
There is a two-hour gap (13.30-15.30) between the end of the rehearsal and gathering for the procession. You may wish to use the time to eat or change. Please note that there is nowhere to buy food inside LKK, and that LKK does not offer designated changing rooms. However, the building is at LiU’s disposal throughout the day, and there is enough space to change if you wish to.

Doctoral hat and wreath

Doctors in science, medical science, economics and law will wear a doctor’s hat during the ceremony.

New hats are delivered directly to LKK. The invoice will be sent from the hatter. If you are going to borrow a hat, it needs to be handed to the Master of Ceremonies during the following times: May 8-9 09.30-14.00. Address: Post- och Husservice, hus A, Campus Valla. Doctoral hats are to be handed in, in advance, since the stage and approximately 100 hats and wreaths are prepared on the Friday.

Doctors of philosophy wear a wreath. The wreath has been ordered based on the measurements you provided in your registration and will be delivered to LKK. The invoice will be sent from the person producing the wreath.

Please bear in mind that you will wear a hat or wreath later in the day, so style your hair accordingly.

Dress code

The person receiving their doctorate needs to wear formal attire (there will be no change between the ceremony and the banquet). This means tails, white waistcoat or cummerbund, white bow tie, black socks and black (patent) shoes or a long formal evening dress in any chosen colour. There may be other types of formal attire – please contact the Master of Ceremonies beforehand to find out more. If you intend to wear a dress with bare shoulders, please remember to wear a shawl or mid-arm length gloves for the ceremony.

Accompanying guests wear formal attire. Children and teenagers (boys) generally wear white shirts with a tie, dark trousers and dark shoes. Girls often wear a dress.


If you are going to pay for additional banquet guests your payment is due on or before May 15 to LiU’s bank giro account 5050-0016. If you make the payment from abroad please add the following information: Danske Bank, Bankkonto: 1281 01 17713, BIC/SWIFT: DABASESX, IBAN: SE13 1200 0000 0128 1011 7713.8 Make sure to state your name (not your guest/guests) when you make the payment.


If you have given information about your supervisor in your registration he or she will receive a personal invitation after the deadline of your registration. The supervisor may invite one guest.

The University Gala Concert May 26

The Commencement celebrations will begin with a university gala concert in Crusellhallen on Friday May 26 at 19.00. The concert is open to everyone and free of charge. No tickets are required. There is no formal dress code at the concert. More information about the Gala Concert:


Camilla Smedberg, Master of Ceremonies,, 013-28 2420
Bitr ceremonimästare Alisa Kovaliova, 013-28 58 02,
Helena Iacobaeus, Grand Marshal, 013-28 68 31,

You will also find information in the FAQ at