Publications about priority setting in health care

Here is a selection of reports, doctoral theses, and peer-reviewed articles about priority setting in health care written by staff at the National Centre for Priorities in Health.

Reports from 2004-2011 are listed here, as well as peer-reviewed articles from 2010-2016. Search for more publications in DiVA, the publication database of Linköping University.

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Peter Garpenby, Karin Bäckman (2016)

Journal of Health Organization & Management , Vol.30 , s.891-907 Continue to DOI

Lars Sandman, Erik Gustavsson (2016)

International Journal of Health Policy and Management , Vol.5 , s.393-394 Continue to DOI

Articles 2015 Show/Hide content

Mari Broqvist, Peter Garpenby (2015)

Social Science and Medicine , Vol.128 , s.301-308 Continue to DOI

Johanna Wiss, David Andersson, Paul Slovic, Daniel Västfjäll, Gustav Tinghög (2015)

Judgment and decision making , Vol.10 , s.492-502 Continue to DOI

Manne Sjostrand, Petter Karlsson, Lars Sandman, Gert Helgesson, Stefan Eriksson, Niklas Juth (2015)

BMC Medical Ethics , Vol.16 Continue to DOI

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Erik Gustavsson, Lars Sandman (2015)

Medicine, Health care and Philosophy , Vol.18 , s.13-22 Continue to DOI

Almina Kalkan, Johanna Sandberg, Peter Garpenby (2015)

Social Policy & Administration , Vol.49 , s.911-927 Continue to DOI

Mari Broqvist, Peter Garpenby (2014)

Health Expectations , Vol.17 , s.82-92 Continue to DOI

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Gustav Tinghög, David Andersson, Petter Tinghög, Carl H. Lyttkens (2014)

International Journal of Health Services , Vol.44 , s.169-184 Continue to DOI

Ole F Norheim, Rob Baltussen, Mira Johri, Dan Chisholm, Erik Nord, DanW Brock, Per Carlsson, Richard Cookson, Norman Daniels, Marion Danis, Marc Fleurbaey, Kjell A Johansson, Lydia Kapiriri, Peter Littlejohns, Thomas Mbeeli, Krishna D Rao, Tessa Tan-Torres Edejer, Dan Wikler (2014)

Cost Effectiveness and Resource Allocation , Vol.12 Continue to DOI

Faisal Omar, Gustav Tinghög, Per Carlsson, Marie Omnell Persson, Stellan Welin (2013)

Scandinavian Journal of Public Health , Vol.41 , s.206-215 Continue to DOI

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Articles 2011 Show/Hide content

Faisal Omar, Gustav Tinghög, Stellan Welin (2011)

Scandinavian Journal of Public Health , Vol.39 , s.156-163 Continue to DOI

Niklas Ekerstad, Rurik Löfmark, David Andersson, Per Carlsson (2011)

Scandinavian Journal of Public Health , Vol.39 , s.345-353 Continue to DOI

Gustav Tinghög, Almina Kalkan (2011)

Australian and New Zealand journal of public health , Vol.35 , s.317-317 Continue to DOI

Articles 2010 Show/Hide content

Eva Arvidsson, Malin André, Lars Borgquist, Per Carlsson (2010)

BMC FAMILY PRACTICE , Vol.11 Continue to DOI

Niklas Ekerstad, Rurik Löfmark, Per Carlsson (2010)

Scandinavian Journal of Public Health , Vol.38 , s.325-331 Continue to DOI

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