Recreation in Norrköping

Whether you are looking for a night out in town, a revitalizing nature experience or just a really good fika, Norrköping has got you covered. Check out this list of fun things to do when you want to enjoy a day out with your new friends.

Arts & Museums

  • Visualization Center C 
    Science centre with state-of-the-art technology and elements of visualization, interaction and digital imagery as key ingredients. Free admission to exhibition, entrance fee to dome movies.


Visualization Center C. Photo credit Thor Balkhed

Did you know?

Most museums in Norrköping (and Sweden in general) are free of charge when visiting the permanent exhibitions.
More information is available on their websites.

Shopping & Strolling

Norrköping City. Photo credit Thor Balkhed


Nightlife & Enterntainment

  • Kårhuset Trappan 
    Student pub & café (in Swedish)
  • Arbis
    Night club and concerts (in Swedish)
  • Filmstaden 
    Movie theatre. Movies in English have Swedish subtitles. (in Swedish)
  • Cnema
    The cinema not only shows films: it shows also live opera, sports, and hosts movie festivals.
  • Louis De Geer
    Concert hall and home of the Norrköping symphony orchestra. (in Swedish)


Photo credit Josefine Loftenius

Nature & Wildlife

Lynx at Kolmården Wildlife Park.Rickard Monéus/Kolmården




Swirling river.Motala ström. Photo credit Thor Balkhed