SCAPIS Biobank

Call for research projects for use of biological material from the Linköping SCAPIS cohort. The call is open for all researches affiliated to either Linköping University or Region Östergötland.

Who can Apply?

The call is open for all researches affiliated to either Linköping University or Region Östergötland.


5 000 men and women were investigated during the SCAPIS project in Linköping. Parts of the frozen blood and urine samples collected from the participants are currently stored in a local sample collection. Biological material collected in SCAPIS will be used to drive research and development forward. However, the local sample collection is a limited resource and all withdrawals from the biobank must therefore be carefully considered.


SCAPIS Linköping's local management has decided to make a call for local researchers to present research projects that wish to use biological material from the SCAPIS Linköping sample collection. The aim is to get an overview of stakeholders and to make the access process open and transparent.

Application for Withdrawal from Linköping SCAPIS Local Biobank

Fill in the form ”Ansökan om uttag från SCAPIS Linköpings lokala biobank” and send it to SCAPIS Linköping before 31 August 2019. All applications will then be prepared for a decision by SCAPIS Linköping's management team. If you need assistance to fill in the form which is in Swedish, please contact us!


SCAPIS Linköping's management team will provide feedback on all applications. SCAPIS wants to promote collaboration between local research groups and any local research collaborations should therefore be clearly stated in the application. Primary factors that will be valued in addition are:

  • Quality (quality of the scientific question)
  • Quantity (number of study participants and number of analyses possible per withdrawal)
  • Whether the research project is linked to a sub-study within SCAPIS Linköping

Please note that all costs that a withdrawal may lead to must be financed by your own research grants. After completion of the analyses, all results in the long term shall be returned to a national database.

Questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us!
SCAPIS Linköping coordinator Charlotte Lundström
SCAPIS Linköping research manager Carl Johan Östgren

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