SCAPIS for Researchers

Are you as a researcher interested in SCAPIS data? Below you can find the present organization of SCAPIS in Linköping and some fundamental principles that may be helpful. Additional information is available on the national SCAPIS website and you are always welcome to contact SCAPIS Linköping if you have any questions.

SCAPIS Linköping

The local steering committee in Linköping consist of representatives from Linköping University and Region Östergötland. The role of the steering committee is to oversee the management of the project. In addition, there is a local operating organization whose task is to manage the local database and to guide and support in research issues that can, among other things, be about data extraction from SCAPIS. You can find the composition of the committee and the operational organization further down this page.

Available Data

All data collected in the SCAPIS study will be merged into a national SCAPIS database. In a transitional period, data remains on the respective site or in a temporary SCAPIS database. The examinations that form the basis of data collected are described generally under "SCAPIS - What & Why".

Data considered specific to the main objective of the SCAPIS project will be made available only after data has been analyzed for this purpose. SCAPIS main objective is:

To use new research findings and techniques to study biochemical, genetic and socio-economic risk factors and thereby create the best possible conditions for preventing and treating cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases.

Application for Data Extraction for Data Analysis / Supplementary Studies

All inquiries regarding data extraction / data analysis / supplementary studies are sent to SCAPIS national research organization. The application is currently made via a portal called DataMart. Information is available via the SCAPIS national website. In the application in the portal you can also see all the data variables. The contact persons for SCAPIS Linköping are available for guidance if necessary.

Ethical Approval

An ethical approval is always required to obtain data for analysis or to do supplement studies. However, you can apply to SCAPIS before the processing of your ethics application is complete but before SCAPIS gives a final answer, the ethics approval must be ready.

Biobank Samples

Parts of the blood and urine samples obtained in the study are now stored in a local sample collection in Linköping. The local sample collection is a limited resource and all withdrawals from the biobank must therefore be carefully considered. SCAPIS Linköping's local management has therefore decided to make a call for local researchers where they are given the opportunity to present research projects to which they wish to withdraw from the sample collection. The purpose is to get an overview of different stakeholders and to make the asset open and transparent.

More information about the announcement can be found on the "SCAPIS biobank" page.


Using existing data from SCAPIS is free of charge. There is also no fee linked to the application process, support or advice within SCAPIS. However, new analyzes, calculations, supplementary studies etc. are paid for by the individual project.

SCAPIS Management
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