Student activities

Linköping University is particular known for its rich and one-of-kind student life. There are many student associations on campus that cater to a wide variety of interests such as music, sports, religion and much more.

Picture of kravallTraditional student events 

A key component in student festivities is an event called kravall, where the dresscode is a student overall. Many of these kravaller has become a long-running tradition amongst students here at LiU, such as:

  • Dra´t i spa´t – unofficially called Draget, where student teams from all over the country participate in a tug-of-war over the Tinnerbäcken creek.
  • Lemans – originally a go-cart competition, now replaced by races on human-powered vehicles.
  • Intervallen – the international kravall with bars representing different countries, hosted by ESN Linköping. The ESN student overalls are blue with yellow stripes. Click the link for a useful overall guide! 
  • Pallen – a test of skill, strength and endurance, in recent years by means of a paintball competition, where the first prize is a load of beer.
  • Valla Sucer Rennen – sledging down the Valla slope in self-made sleds.
  • Snuttekravallen – where festivities revolve around short student movies made by students.
  • DömD – a darts competition and a big party.
  • Studentorkesterfestivalen (SOF) – a festival arranged every other year in Linköping/Norrköping since 1973 with student orchestras and student bands from all the Nordic countries,
  • … and many more.

Student associations 

There are about 100 student associations at Linköping University, based on a wide variety of interests such as: music/choirs, sports, religion, academic topics and others you canjoin as an (active) member.

List of all student associations 

International student associations

Meeting places

There are several student pubs with regular opening hours, including Herrgår’n, Flamman, Villevalla and Nationernas Hus in Linköping, Trappan and Vattentornet in Norrköping, as well as Pub Örat on the University Hospital Campus. The student union building Kårallen arranges a number of student parties and pub nights. Herrgår’n also arranges an international pub night on some tuesdays, which is very popular with the international students.

Student Union Houses in Linköping


Student Union House in Norrköping


  • Pub Vattentornet - Student pub located in one of Sweden's oldest water towers.


Students in Linköping can join the Students’ Sport and Athletics Club at campus Valla (LSIF). Students in Norrköping can join the Academic sports club at campus Norrköping (Naffi).

Both cities also have numerous gyms and sports centres, which usually offer student discounts. There are also indoor swimming pools in central Linköping and Norrköping.

Sports in Linköping

Sports in Norrköping

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