Summer Academy - Accommodation

The student accommodation is in an area called Ryd, which is a suburb of Linköping. With its own town centre offering practically all the services you might need, Ryd almost feels like a town in its own right. It is also located close to Campus Valla, where the classes are held.

You will have access to good laundry rooms and recycling facilities, a number of excellent study rooms, as well as a sauna, beach volleyball court, tennis courts and barbecue spots. For exercise and fresh air, you have the adjacent Ryd forest (Rydskogen) and there is also an excellent golf course next to the university.

Accomodation Package
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Information on Package Price

There are two options for accommodation during LiU's Summer Academy: students can organise their own accommodation or they can accept the Accommodation Package Linköping University has organised on their behalf. The package is designed to help them get set up in Sweden quickly and easily so they can focus on classes and making new friends.

All students who are accepted for LiU Summer Academy are guaranteed accommodation, if they choose to accept the Acommodation Package.

Package Price = 5500 SEK

• Single student room or a small studio for two, with internet (not Wifi) and utilities included (electricity, heat, water)
• New linen, pillow and towels as well as kitchen utensils provided in the shared kitchens
• Access to laundry facilities
• Unlimited bus card which will give you access to travel around Linköping and the province of Östergötland.
• Campushallen 30 day Gold card (Campus Valla’s fitness centre and gym)
• Final exit cleaning service for your room*

*Please note you will be required to keep your room and living space clean and tidy and wash your own laundry during your stay in Sweden.



About the rooms

A single corridor room for one person is 20 square meters and includes a private bathroom. There are eight rooms in a corridor sharing a kitchen and a living room (please note that some of these rooms are inhabited by Swedish students who will be away for summer vacation). Rooms are fully furnished and the beds are 90x200 cm. In the shared kitchen you will have access to shared fridge and freezer.

A shared small studio for two people is between 25-34 square meters and includes a bedroom, shared bathroom and kitchen (all for two people). The room is fully furnished and the beds are 90x200 cm. In the shared kitchen you will have part of a fridge and freezer.

Information about Home insurance can be found here.

Please note

If you have not booked and payed for the Accommodation Package, you will have to organise a room by yourself and you will not receive the bus card as well as the other things included in our Accommodation Package.

The accommodation is only available between after 12:00 on 26 June and until 12:00 on 25 July. Students who intend to spend time in Sweden before or after these dates must arrange additional accommodation on their own.

All students who book the accommodation package will receive more information in the beginning of June 2020.

If you have any complaints, regarding the cleaning of your accommodation you must contact on the same day you move in.

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