LIU Summer Academy travel and arrival

Moving to study in another country requires preparation, which at first can seem like a daunting task. This page can hopefully help you feel prepared for what´s ahead.

Upon arrival

Use this checklist as a guide before you arrive in Sweden.

Important Dates Summer Academy 2023

 Official arrival day

 30 June from 12:00 - 20:00

Course dates

3 July - 28 July

 Welcome and orientation

 3 July

 Day of departure 

29 July before 12:00

*Please note that some courses have some preparatory exercises before arrival in Sweden



  • Send an email to if you are delayed and think you will arrive outside of opening hours (12:00-20:00)
  • Take the bus arranged by Linköping University to the Zenit building at Campus Valla.
  • Walk to Studenthuset, which is located close by.
  • At Studenthuset, register for your course and pick up your accommodation key
  • Take our shuttle transport to your accommodation


Welcome and orientation

In order to help you settle into life at LiU Summer Academy, a Welcome Reception will be held on the morning of the first day of classes. During this orientation, you will receive both practical and academic information. When arriving in Linköping, you will receive the keys to your accommodation as well as some information before you are taken to your housing.

Pick-up service

Linköping University provides a shuttle bus pick-up service when arriving in Linköping (at the airport, train or bus station) on 30 June. The timetable for the shuttle bus will be published later (the timetable also shows the way you walk from the train station to the bus station, where the pick-up will be located. If you arrive at the Linköping airport the bus pick-up spot is right outside the terminal). If you choose to go directly to the registration building at campus Valla (Studenthuset) or will arrive at another time than mentioned above, you must get to Studenthuset by yourself. If you arrive outside opening hours, you are expected to arrange your own accommodation, until you can come and pick up the key for your accommodation.

Travel to Linköping University Summer Academy 

Visa information

EU/EEA citizens are allowed to stay in Sweden without a residence permit for up to three months, however, different rules apply to non-EU/EEA students. Some foreign nationals must have a visa in order to enter Sweden.

If you need a visa, as soon as you have received the acceptance to Linköping University Summer Academy, the visa application process should start. We are unable to assist in this process. For more information, please contact your nearest Swedish embassy or consulate.

If you need a visa, please apply for it at the Migration Board and you do not need to fill in your address in Linköping (if you apply via a paper form at an Embassy or Consulate you must have an address).