Theses at ADIT

Vengatanathan Krishnamoorthi (PhD 2018, Lic 2016)
PhD: Efficient HTTP-based Adaptive Streaming of Linear and Interactive Videos
Lic: Efficient and Adaptive Content Delivery of Linear and Interactive Branched Videos

Valentina Ivanova (PhD 2018, Lic 2014)
PhD: Fostering User Involvement in Ontology Alignment and Alignment Evaluation
Lic: Integration of Ontology Alignment and Ontology Debugging for Taxonomy Networks

Zlatan Dragisic (Lic 2014, PhD 2017)
PhD: Completion of Ontologies and Ontology Networks
Lic: Completing the Is-a Structure in Description Logics Ontologies

Marcus Bendtsen (PhD 2017)
PhD: Gated Bayesian Networks

Rahul Hiran (PhD 2016)
PhD: Collaborative Network Security - Targeting Wide-area Routing and Edge-network Attacks

Anna Vapen (PhD 2016, Lic 2011)
PhD: Web Authentication using Third-Parties in Untrusted Environments
Lic: Contributions to Web Authentication for Untrusted Computers

Dag Sonntag (PhD 2016, Lic 2014)
PhD: Chain Graphs: Interpretations, Expressiveness and Learning Algorithms
Lic: A Study of Chain Graph Interpretations

Qiang Liu (Lic 2011)
Lic: Dealing with Missing Mappings and Structure in a Network of Ontologies

Tommy Ellqvist (Lic 2010)
Lic: Supporting Scientific Collaboration through Workflows and Provenance

Shanai Ardi (Lic 2008)
Lic: A Model and Implementation of a Security plug-in for the Software Life Cycle.

Martin Karresand (Lic 2008)
Lic: Completing the Picture: Fragments and Back Again

He Tan (PhD 2007, Lic 2006)
PhD: Aligning Biomedical Ontologies
Lic: Aligning and Merging Biomedical Ontologies

Almut Herzog (PhD 2007, Lic 2002)
PhD: Usable security policies in runtime environments
Lic: Secure Execution Environment for Java Electronic Services

Cécile Åberg (PhD 2007, Lic 2005)
PhD: An Evaluation Platform for Semantic Web Technology
Lic: Integration of Organizational Workflows and the Semantic Web

Ioan Chisalita (PhD 2006, Lic 2004)
PhD: Communication and networking techniques for traffic safety systems
Lic: Safety-oriented communication in mobile networks for vehicles

Vaida Jakoniene (PhD 2006, Lic 2005)
PhD: Integration of Biological Data
Lic: A Study in Integrating Multiple Biological Data Sources

Claudiu Duma (PhD 2005, Lic 2003)
PhD: Security and Trust Mechanisms for Groups in Distributed Services
Lic: Security and Efficiency Tradeoffs in Multicast Group Key Management

Dennis Maciuszek (Lic 2005)
Lic: Towards Dependable Virtual Companions for Later Life

Henrik Andre-Jönsson (PhD 2002)
PhD: Indexing strategies for time series data.

Johan Åberg (PhD 2002)
PhD: Live Help Systems: An Approach to Intelligent Help for Web Information Systems

Juha Takkinen (PhD 2002, Lic 1997)
PhD: From Information Management to Task Management in Electronic Mail.
Lic: CAFE: Towards a Conceptual Model for Information Management in Electronic Mail.

Lin Han (Lic 2001)
Lic: Secure and Scalable E-Service Software Delivery

Mats Gustafsson (Lic 1997)
Lic: Bringing role-based access control to distributed systems

Niclas Wahllöf (Lic 1996)
Lic: A default extension to description logics and its applications

Patrick Lambrix (PhD 1996, Lic 1992)
PhD: Part-Whole Reasoning in Description Logics
Lic: Aspects of version management of composite objects

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